The disparate origins of the people who collectively make up the American psyche make it more diverse than any other society on Earth.
Whilst historically the USA was seen as a melting pot where such origins were subsumed within the greater whole, fundamentally tension has been present from the beginning.

“The USA is a microcosm of our collective issues and opportunities.” — Dr Jude Currivan

The USA faces an enormous task of rebalancing if it is to heal itself and fulfill its leadership role in the years to come. The challenges include weaning itself away from rampant consumerism, reducing governmental waste and undertaking a radical programme of federal reformation, reining in a still almost unfettered financial system, instigating a Green New Deal of innovation and infrastructure investment, and reducing and refocusing its military operations on peace-making and humanitarian efforts, both domestically and abroad.

The diversity within America was once one of its greatest strengths, but in recent years it has fragmented into polarized bitterness. It’s now the time for the USA to become the United States once more and for its people to work together for the greater good of both the nation and the wider world.
As the most diverse and the most unequal society on Earth, the USA is a microcosm of our collective issues and opportunities. And as the only extant superpower, its international role – for good or for ill – is crucial to the future of the entire world.
Excerpt from “HOPE—Healing Our People and Earth” by Dr Jude Currivan
26 February 2014 | online webSalon
Re-soulutions: The Healing of Nations: USA
with Dr Jude Currivan 
11am Los Angeles • 2pm New York • 7pm London

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