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Submitted by Preston Cash on Friday 12/16/2011  
Heavenly Host ©Preston Cash, including “Heavenly Host” Cloudcrafters© photo

             HEAVENLY HOST is, by definition, those who navigate our skies in the upper and lower atmospheres.  Humans are now exploring the heavens far above the clouds, and others are doing the same, riding on the clouds “as doves to their windows”, sometimes in large groups as shown by the photo I call Heavenly Host.

“Heavenly Host” © Copyright 2010 Cloudcraft/Preston Cash


According to the various great religions of the world, those who ride the clouds and populate the skies include the Creator and lesser dignitaries on down to the Angels and frequent flyers of the Off Planet Air Craft, or OPAC.  These elusive and mysterious pilots who duck in and out of clouds are often cloud craft which we call white cigars.  When uncloaked they are referred to as cigar-shaped craft. 

            The Heavenly Host photo, which was taken at about 4X magnification, reveals perhaps 100 of these white cigars, or pods.  They may be only cloaked cylinders of the cloud craft family.  Or could they be ascended humans, cloaked in white, the “First Fruits” of the end-times harvest of souls?

             I seem to remember the Fifth Seal prophecy and the Martyred Remnant of Revelation 6.9-11 as “I saw under the altar the souls…”  “Then each of them was given a white robe,” Could these pods be the white-robed souls of the first resurrection, or merely cloaked cylinders of cloud craft OPACS?

They flew in from the West, moving at about 20 M.P.H. towards the East, headed directly toward my location, just as the Lamb and Dragon had done.  These photos were first taken from about a half-mile away, and until they passed overhead.  At this time they had been breaking out of the cluster.   These images were captured at sunset in a gloriously variegated background sky of red, white, orange, and yellow.  

             If the First Fruits are being harvested, some folks, like Barney and Betty Hill may already be used to being taken up, as well as those two fishermen from Pascagoula, Mississippi.

            It is difficult to say how many of the orthodoxy will be taken because the books of these flights are not open to mere mortals such as we.  Perhaps there will be standby lists for those who don’t believe “Once saved, always saved”.  Those souls would just have to wait and see.  Maybe there would be a last-minute cancellation.

There might be an economy class for those of us from the smaller congregations, or a “sinner’s class” for those people whom the Lord associated with, the ordinary everyday rabble, those “outside the camp” who he called “the salt of the earth”.  These might be more fun to be with anyway, not so uptight, as those who are always being offended, turning us aside “at the door for a thing of naught”, or always wondering if he of whom we must not speak might be slowly sneaking up behind them and drag away to Perdition the guilt-heavy ones who want us to be miserable like them.    

So I look around me and wonder who might be taken up, and what if it happens that we board the wrong ship, and our friend calls out to us like in the old sci-fi tale:  “Wait, don’t get on that ship!  The book ‘To Serve Man’ is a cook book!”  Or are they taking us to a cosmic zoo, or to determine the level of pain endurable by humans?!  Now I know why I heard that church-goers don’t talk about such things, that it’s just You-Know-Who trying to put doubts in our minds.

            No way can we be doubters now, with the Glory Boat about a thousand feet overhead, and me taking photos whenever they show up.  Some would deny us any old-time spirituality, the kind from John 3:16, but I’ll take Faith and Grace any day, given the times we’re in.  I can’t fellowship with those who are always pointing the finger of shame and blame, accusing us daily, trying to convict us of sin.  But I don’t mind socializing with those who’ll have me as I am.  And I don’t mind spirituality with the compassionate, forgiving and non-judgmental, which play “I’m OK, You’re OK”.

            I’m assured that some folks are channeling the Holy Spirit and don’t even know it.  And I believe that there is no condemnation for those who are in Him.  And no alien “creature can separate us” from Him, is it not written?  The Prophet John was to come before the Great Day of the Lord, proclaiming peace and love between father and son, with serious consequences for those who do not.  I say that John did come, and he said “Love Is All You Need.” 

            And as I gaze heavenward this week, on the 400th Anniversary of the King James “Authorized Version” of the Bible, and survey these remarkable cloud craft, the old Negro spiritual “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” is being fulfilled in my lifetime.  And I wonder, as the Prophet Isaiah did in his chapter 60 and verse 8:

            “Who are these that fly as a cloud and as the doves to their windows?”


“Heavenly Host” article and photo are from an unpublished book UFO, Clouds of Mystery © 2011, All Rights Reserved by Author.  Email: [email protected]


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