Hollow Earth Wormhole to Mars

Space-time is a mathematical coordinate system (3 dimensions of space and 1 of time) in which physical events are located in a single continuum. 

According to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, gravitation is the “curvature” of space-time. In other words, because an object’s mass makes the curve of space-time bend like a basin in its region, its gravitational force is amplified and attracts other nearby masses. 

Things are going well up to this point. But imagine for a moment if you could undertake a sudden “reversal” of gravitation. Would you also experience a swift U-turn of space-time? If the force of the Earth’s gravitation is initially low under your feet, but abruptly gets reversed to a point high above your head, what kind of space-time turnaround might you undergo?

The reversal of space-time has far-reaching implications. It involves traveling into the past and relegating a great expanse to a tiny step. It’s the stuff of wormholes and Einstein-Rosen bridges. An Einstein-Rosen bridge is a geometrical property of a black hole that manifests itself as a “throat” attached to another set of dimensions or to another universe.

In two recent experiments at CERN (the Swiss site of the Large Hadron Collider) a neutrino beam was clocked traveling 60 nanoseconds faster than the velocity of light. The neutrinos seemingly traveled back in time (as if they could arrive at a destination before they even left). If the CERN experiments prove to be accurate, they may unlock the possibility of time travel into the past — or of convenient travel to other stars.

In the early stages of our solar system’s formation, fragments of matter were fiercely flung apart, but remained in “quantum entanglement” or superposition. Quantum entanglement is a phenomenon that connects two particles in such a way that changes to one of the particles are instantaneously reflected in the other, although they may seem physically separated by several light years. Einstein described superposition as “spooky action at a distance.”

Some clusters of ejected stellar mass eventually merged into planets and their moons. But numerous particles continued in quantum entanglement, because they shared the identical superposition, connected by Einstein-Rosen bridges (or stretched-out space-time wormholes). Since this bond took place at the beginning stages, matter in entanglement is more likely to be found in the interior or close to the core of a planet.

The Hollow Earth hypothesis, first put forward in 1692 by the English astronomer Edmund Halley, proposes that the planet Earth is either completely hollow or encloses an extensive interior space. The hollow Earth supposedly contains a small interior sun. There are said to be entrances at the north and south poles. During World War II Hitler sent an expedition to the Baltic Island of Rugen to search for proof of a hollow Earth.

Today, that theory has be extended to suggest that the hollow space that connects the north and south poles is really the throat of a space-time wormhole, and the interior sun is actually a rotating black hole, which is prevented by an event horizon from crunching the Earth.

* * *

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower is the great granddaughter of former US president Dwight Eisenhower. She claims that world leaders have made close contact with aliens. Laura said the US has established covert extraterrestrial bases. She revealed that in 2006 and 2007, she was invited to join a secret American “colony on Mars.”

Andrew D. Basiago and William Stillings just reported in the website “Exopolitics” that in the past they had stepped through time and space for the US Department of Defense. They referred to a covered up CIA program hosted at a California community college. Between 1981 and 1983, Barack Obama is said to have “visited Mars” with them by means of a teleportation chamber called a jump room. Regina Dugan, the director of Darpa, allegedly was another member.

* * *

In the autumn of 2009, a veteran intelligence operative, reactivated into defense agency programs, walked through the old-world streets of an eastern Mediterranean city. He gazed down and visualized structures deep under the pavement, to look into history.  

In the past, he had performed groundbreaking experiments with remote exploration. Now, enormously behind him, a funicular tunnel of steel tracks drew railway carriages by cable through the base of a cliff and up to its peak. It offered a convincing display that the ancient city was hollow within. A series of complex bunkers deep inside the rock-face installation encircled a subterranean engine that powered a cabled hoisting machine. 

Like the exotic Berghof elevator, the construction inspired by Bavarian masons and architects was suggestive of Nazi Germany’s suspected National Southern Redoubt, an inner stronghold from which Germany would retaliate. The Allies, who later said the Redoubt fortress existed only in the German imagination, searched for Nazi atomic weapons near the Mediterranean:

“Here, defended by nature and by the most efficient secret weapons yet invented, the powers that have hitherto guided Germany will survive to reorganize her resurrection; here armaments will be manufactured in bombproof factories, food and equipment will be stored in vast underground caverns and a specially selected corpus of young men will be trained in guerrilla warfare, so that a whole underground army can be fitted and directed to liberate Germany from occupying forces.” (Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force, Weekly Intelligence Summary, March 11, 1945)

In his mind’s eye, the intelligence guardian pictured dugout walls, and the slab of a radiation shield with an air lock that opened like a submarine door. Several such doors were lined up along the dark passage where a tunnel of metal rails descended into the crater’s abyss. 

Behind the doors were the jump rooms of quantum entanglement, connected by Einstein-Rosen bridges. One room shared the same superposition as a region within the interior of Mars. Behind another was a quantum-string conduit to the interior of Venus. 

As the global elite played and exulted the top-secret enigma of their ancient city, its local residents were forced into a poverty and destitution that threatened to wipe out the Euro. Would the world at last awaken and comprehend that for millennia humans and celestial messengers traveled through the buried gates and jump rooms of quantum entanglement?

* * *

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Peter Fotis Kapnistos, January 2012


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