Home Churches May Be The Way To Go

Back in 2009 I heard about a group who had started holding church services in individual homes. Since this has probably been done several times over the years, I checked out the website for the Meeting House. Instead of sitting around and facing one direction to listen to someone standing above them at the front, those involved with home churches turn their chairs inwards. This way a more intimate situation is developed where people can interact and encourage each other in a relaxed manner.

Since there is no set time or day that these of meetings need to be held nor a fixed duration that they have to adhere to, people can deepen their spiritual life’s. In the winter of 1999 to 2000 I was in Edmonton, Alberta and had attended an Edgar Cayce study group. It was held in one of the members houses and consisted of about 10 of us that met weekly. I appreciated that every one of us got the chance to speak as much as needed. It was a much needed support group I had at the time.

Whenever I had attended Sunday services at conventional churches in past years I found myself drifting off. Part of the reason was that I found most of the services were dry and knew that within 75 minutes I would be outside enjoying the outdoors, doing whatever I did that day. This had started my philosophy of being in church and thinking of being outside, so I went outside and thought of God more than when I was in church.

I didn’t like the “I talk, you listen” way of communicating that some church speakers have. It’s one thing to bring up good points during a sermon but how easy is it to preach to a captive audience every Sunday, some who have developed the thousand mile stare over several weeks. I can see the spiritual trap being set up that clergy being seduced by the temptation of personal ego that they are more wiser or closer to God than their flock.

Jesus was clear enough in his ministry or mission in life in wanting to replace the same old, same old of religious trappings to call people into a closer relationship with God. Can you imagine what it would be like if everyone did this? Perhaps it would be Heaven on Earth.

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