How Iran Landed Our Drone On Their Runway

Interfere with the navigation system and you capture it.   Works on drones and missiles and, are you ready, UFOs!

Here is an excellent description of the vulnerabilities of the US Drone program. Although packed with amazing combinations of electronics, satellite communications and navigation, imaging, and flight technologies, their vulnerabilities are the transmission of video images and the navigation system. First thing to be ‘broken’ were the video downloads. But the real weak point as this article in the Christian Science Monitor points out, is the GPS based Navigation system. A satellite signal, actually several signals combined, let the drone know where it is to within a few feet.

As the Zetas have pointed out, the earth is under going a daily repeated wobble which sudden throws the Satellites off position. You would not think this is possible, but the satellites are told from the ground where THEY are, and THEY send signals down to GPS receivers. So when the earth suddenly moves, the SATELLITES DO NOT KNOW WHERE THEY ARE. This is exactly how a heavy fuel tanker ran onto the reef in front of the most beautiful beach in New Zealand in broad daylight on a clear and calm day this summer. To all those who navigate with GPS, BEWARE! You may be told that you have reached your destination and in fact be nowhere near it, at any time. Whether this was a factor in the undamaged capture of our top spying drone, is not addressed nor mentioned. describes the Planet X caused daily wobble of the earth in detail.

The explanation offered below is quite believable and logically appeals to those who wish to understand how it happened. As it turns out, GPS signals are faint, well known, and easily mimicked, even military grade GPS signals. Thus the Iranians state that they reprogrammed the navigation of the drone with fake GPS signals from transmitters in Iran, and ‘walked’ the drone to a nice landing on an Iranian runway. As the drone is 75 feet wide, it needs to land on a runway. The drone thought it was landing at its home base in Afghanistan. The landing was not perfect, because the drone thought it still had more altitude to descend when it hit the runway. But the damage was minor. The United States has for years tried to capture UFOs by interfering with the navigational systems of interstellar ships. There is some evidence that radar microwaves brought down the ships recovered in the 1940s.

The Iranians chose not to disclose the condition of the undercarriage and so covered it up with political banners. And look how they boast about it. Obama asked for it back, and Cheney stated publicly we should have bombed it as it touched down. Clearly, Iran will be building drones in numbers and soon, having a perfect ship to back engineer. As they state, they are not technologically that far behind the west. But drones are not the foremost target of research for the Iranians. The Iranians, it turns out, are working to fool GPS navigated MISSILES! Imagine how that technology would affect the outcome of any attack. You can bet that the major military powers of the world are already working on that technology for their own use. I imagine the answer over the oceans would be satellites sending false GPS data, whereas Iran used its extensive terrain, including elevated mountain passes, as transmitter locations.

Perhaps Russia and China would like to help analyze the captured drone. This is like money in the bank, bargaining chips for Iran to use in supplementing their military might.

As long as military GPS satellites are the source of location information, the relatively unencrypted location information can be simulated. Another, and far less trustworthy, method of navigation is speed, direction and length of time. Another phrase for that type of navigation is ‘dead reckoning’. Sailors have used that method for centuries. Perhaps if our drones used both methods and if there were to be a difference between the two results, go with the direction, speed and time to figure distance and direction rather than the satellite data. That way, the drone would and could never be fooled as to where its real home base is located. Until something is changed, drone spying missions over Iran are in danger; all of them.

It seems the US expected something like this sooner or later, but did not take any action to prevent it before it happened. At the very least, there should have been an encrypted code verifying the source of the GPS transmissions. It also could have had a self destruct mechanism which it appears not to have had.

This article is a window into secret operations using drones that you have not gotten from other sources. It is gathering no comment comments, and so is unlikely to be confirmed. But to me it is believable.

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