Human/Computer Singularity: A Prediction Regarding Aliens

By Diane Tessman

Time magazine recently featured this headline on its cover: “2045, the Year Man Becomes Immortal.” The Matrix and many other science fiction films and books, are about to become reality as an influential, intellectual, elite movement grows by leaps and bounds, with the objective of making humans and computers, ONE. Enter, the Singularity!

Time magazine defines “Singularity” as the moment when technological change becomes so rapid and profound, it causes a rupture in the fabric of human history. There are immensely wealthy and influential individuals working hard to make this happen. They want to see the complete transformation of humankind into something different than it now is. While 2045 is the date given as a best estimate on when humans will achieve immortality thanks to their having become more machine than organic, the steps leading up to 2045 are happening even now.

The Singularity movement is actually a form of eugenic elitism because obviously those who would be plugged into the master computer in order to become super-intelligent cyborgs, would be chosen from – yes – the elite. At least, the elite would become super-intelligent cyborgs first. The elite have little compassion for all us regular folk in the first place, you can imagine how compassionate they’d be once they are “hooked up,” and the rest of us are not (yet).

We might have the choice, if we were “lucky,” of either allowing ourselves to be implanted with the chip and hooked up, or, face death as one of the common people who are now utterly inferior. The non-connected might go the way of the mountain and lowland gorillas, poached at worse, and at best, laughed at as stupid beasts.

In case you think I’ve fallen into a science fiction story here, Time magazine does not deal in science fiction nor conspiracies. Even today, the new “iPhone” from Apple is sold out right after it was launched; humans cannot get enough of high tech gadgets and of computer access in general. Therefore, the elitists who are behind the Singularity movement find it easy to make speedy progress, because we common folk, for whom the Singularity does not bode well, run headlong to embrace anything new which is high tech and computerized. There is really no opposition to making computers utterly in charge of everything, everywhere.

There could be one master computer for all the humans on the planet or master computers could be organized by regions. When you look at the Internet, you see how one network could hook into every mind. The Time magazine cover portrays a human with a shaved head, plugged into the Internet – literally. There is a terminal plug embedded in the back of his or her head.

Of course there are arguments for making the human mind and the computer into one being. Humans would be many times more efficient, thus research could be speeded up in finding the cure for cancer. But why worry about cancer when one’s consciousness could be scanned and uploaded as software inside a computer forever: Immortality!

Certainly old age would not be a problem anymore, years before the actual ability to become immortal occurs in approximately 2045. In fact, many experiments have been done already involving hooking the human mind into a computer. By 2020, it is estimated many people will demand their iPhones be taken out of their hands and put into their heads. By 2035, the “information chip” will turn humans into walking information repositories.

Of course we have to ask, what then will become of the time and inclination to read one’s child a bedtime book, to stroke one’s beloved dog, to take a walk on the beach? In fact, the love and appreciation of Nature itself, will no longer be understood or embraced. The power to love might well be lost.

Will individuals become even less caring, less empathetic, and more selfish? It seems unavoidable. And they will not be” individuals” anymore at all. This will be the new “transhumanism” which acts as a mass mind, exchanging electronic information, commands, and so forth, acting as one.

This is such a huge subject that all the ramifications and possible scenarios cannot be covered in one article. So here is one more question regarding humans and computers becoming one:

Will humans exercise anymore? Will they eat? Will they retain their pride in the human form?

With these questions, the fetus-type aliens enter the picture and possibly “the grays” as well. What would a human look like who had been a part of the Singularity for say 200 years? Or 2,000 years?

Would his digestive system atrophy? Would genitals atrophy? Would muscle structure waste away so that arms and legs are spindly and excessively thin? Would he perhaps seem cold and indifferent if he abducted you? He would not be vicious or violent like a caveman but rather would behave like a walking computer, taking scientific readings and not able to connect to “just a human.”

As I read the interview with Travis Walton by Johanne Robichaud in UFO Digest, I was reminded that Travis dealt with human-like aliens after first being frightened of non-human small aliens.

He felt more at ease with the human-aliens. There are many other reports of human-like aliens who might well be human time-travelers, including the man I encountered in my childhood. He was very human-like except his eyes were translucent and there was something slightly different. Perhaps he was Homo cosmos instead of Homo sapiens (one step up the evolutionary ladder). He was empathetic and kind, not cold and indifferent.

Therefore I am predicting that a renegade movement will grow before 2045 against the Singularity movement. Humans will dig deep and find the best of what it means to be human, and some will vow never to be hooked into the master computer. They will maintain that to be part of the Singularity is not to be superior, the same way as eugenic engineering in Nazi Germany did not ultimately produce superior beings to the rest of us.

Yes, humans consumed in the Singularity would be intellectually nimble and informed beyond our comprehension. However, the old human craftiness, the ability to “queer the game,” to go against the odds, to zig when ordered to zag – all of this would give organic humans a chance against the Singularity.

So perhaps there was a conflict between the Organic Renegades and the Singularity in about the year 2050. Or 2030 or 2080. Who knows?

And perhaps that conflict was eventually resolved peacefully. The Singularity figured out very quickly how to travel space and time, and they could go out there without fear of human frailty. One of the stumbling blocks to space travel is the amount of radiation crewmembers would be constantly exposed to; perhaps that’s where the fetus-aliens began to really atrophy physically, along with getting no exercise and forgetting to eat. However, these traits are great for space travel.

The organic humans, who had been the Organic Renegades, demanded not to be left behind, so after the Singularity paved the way, organic humans went to space and time also.

And so, in Earth skies in 2012, we have fetus and gray humanoids, and we have human-looking folk who might well be us from the future. Again, I believe there are also extraterrestrials visiting us who are from different planets. However, I do believe that aliens from time, not space, account for many UFO occupants and that we should begin to realize this.

It is easy to write about a hundred variations of a science fiction story as one reads about the Singularity Movement, but the movement is a real one, and very powerful both because influential, wealthy people are behind it, and because humankind in general is mindlessly infatuated with high tech computers.

Maybe the UFO occupants should inspire hope instead of fear. If they are human-related, they made it through the Singularity, some still look and act reasonably organic and human. The others who seem atrophied and somewhat computerized at least are not violent or mindless killers. Perhaps they somehow hooked into the positive human qualities like love and empathy, even if it boils down to putting a set of rules into a computer on good behavior. Myself, I plan to join the Renegade Organics, except I will be dead and gone by 2045. Perhaps I need to join the Singularity to become immortal then rip out the terminal plug and the chip, and return to the Renegades as an immortal. Hummm. Back to the drawing board.

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