I want to know and not just believe. I however have learned to use the word believe and not just think to describe that which may become what I know in the future. Knowing is experiencing and yet believing may be what we think we may experience in the future as what we call real world versus virtual reality.

Is it possible that everything we think we know will change in this lifetime? I believe we may know human soul principals on UFOS or unidentified flying objects. I know that we are separate spirits from our bodies which are separate from our souls. I know our minds are separate from our brains which are separate from our physical bodies. Now will science prove we have a spirit and soul?

Sharing thoughts that make us think that we are not alone in the universe are what we are now about in the UFO community and we now share that “Alien

civilizations exist!” I have the ACE and ACO as acronyms now to share with others who desire to be friends with me and share my work on this planet and in space. Look for the future with ACE and ACO as acronyms of which I am using to connect beings of our future. ACO is for agents, consultants, organizers of a sociations, companies, organizations which are working with me on the planet. We work in art, culture, education, science, technology, history, and folklife. We work in cyberspace in a cyberculture which we are expanding as a community online practicing skills group. I am forming an association of associates and would like to know more of you.

I personally am making it known that I know we are not alone in the universe. I expect others to soon know that too based on the many sightings of what we still call UFOS. I am asking those who have had Alien ET UFO or Divine Encounters to join me as colleagues, peers, and associates.

The phrase “spiritual, but not religious” is often vague and makes more questions than it begins to answer.

Philosopher George Santayana on the phenomenon contrasting “spirituality” and “piety.”

Exploration, innovation, and risk-taking, versus guarding, convention, and submissiveness.

While we are about our sincerest regards for another’s belief system or inner core spiritual path, we have to recognize that we are all allowed our free will to explore humanity and free choice inside our own brains.  I consider myself one of all who are considered intelligent spiritual sentient beings as immortal souls. Immortality and spirituality are two sides of the same coin in this world of which we learned to “Render to Caesar what is Caesar’s.” We also would like to think that the human species will get to know the philosophy of “Do unto others what you will desire to be done unto you.”  Ancient Scriptures and New Thought Teachings is what I first learned about what we could co-create together as a team. We first met in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii as a team while I was working to define my new business which would be able to define me as a separate working woman from that which I had joined as the military in the USA.  I worked for the U.S. Navy and yet knew I had a purpose far greater for myself on a spiritual path. I looked towards the spiritual versus the non-spiritual, religious, and scientific approach to life. I soon learned that the spiritual and scientific did not have to be at odds inside my soul or outside in the world.

My extraordinary experiences in life were dealing with synchronicity and love.  I soon learned spirit and soul science were not that abnormal or normal…

I had UFO and ET contact.

So did other people on this planet we called earth as our home planet. However, when I said, “Home Planet” I never thought of earth as my home planet. I recognized emotions and feelings that did not ring true to my inner voice and source of self-inside my conscious mind. I also learned that I did not believe my conscious mind was all there was that worked with my nervous system to animate my physical body.

We share a body-mind-spirit sharing the birth-life-death process while we are in human form.

We are called the sentient intelligent being species.

We in the Alien ET Community which explore consciousness of mind and spirit are about sharing that which is scientific in the manner of speaking of what drives our energy and thoughts. However, we desire to know the truth about our human origin as the humanoids of which we are classified in space.

There have been cosmic wars for as long as we have been alive in the space race to revolutionize our vehicles with our DNA/RNA chains of particle descriptions. We now know we are more than stuff and material.

We desire to know the theory of everything inside our own selves which is what we are now debating as conscious versus soul or spirit. Is spirit the direct line to source?

While we may want to share the ancient scriptures and new thought teachings, each of us has our own way of being-doing-having.

Some of us believe in the God or Gods and some of us do not. Regardless of what we call the source, the force, the human connection to something outside of us that created or co-created the universe in which we reside, this is what is now being discussed among our ACO members.

ACO is for associates, consultants, organizers, as well as associations, companies, organizations.

We of the Divine Expo – Divine Encounters Groups are coming together in an alliance with those who may be using the topics and categories of spirituality and the paranormal.

Bringing together into one annual conference those who desire to share in the health and wellness category of well-being among our inhabitants on this planet in a growing global community of sustainability.

Cyberspace has a cyberculture which we in the ACO call our community online practicing skills. People of kindred spirits are coming together into an unincorporated association in the Americas.

We are working to form a bond between the North and South American Continents first, and Indo-European continents and Australia and Africa.

Global Tectonics will be shared because the plates are shown to move on a cover of liquid that we are all now aware of on this planet.

What do we believe about science and theosophy coming together in the academic working world with the arts and sciences?

We are working inside the internet now with business, entertainment, economics, and political and social justice for all. Communications is


The quality of the interior experience of human beings vs prioritizing more quantitative, acquisitive, status-oriented, and external assessments of

human beings and the worth of human lives.

Motivations define and direct our lives.

Narrative mythic structure connects and contextualizes human beings in the world.

Religions and authoritarian and restrictive aspects toward the kind of exploration, innovation, and risk-taking of humanists, philosophical naturalists, and nontheists are now being considered as common talk among the common humans at the grass roots levels of political thinking.

Frustrating in the use of the phrase and the vagueness and confusion expressed in these titles is now a part of our future research in our various communities online and in person.

Empathize with and assist those who are leaving religions and searching for connections, community, and senses of purpose.

Humans want answers to their being and meaning and they will fight with all their might to be right.

Motivation for health and happiness seems to be the well-meaning of us all as a species. Health and Abundance seems to be two working words we can all gravitate towards.

Resonating with feeling of emotions towards our wellbeing we may well find among us if we are gracious enough to be inviting and welcoming, rather than judgmental and dismissive.

Affirming and welcoming are words we use in a humanitarian way now in our spiritual but not religious spiritual centers.


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