‘I have witnessed two highly intelligent, advanced UFOs’

Roger Marsh
UFO Examiner

Two Arizona witnesses report watching a “white floating sphere” the size of an aspirin and a “rectangular-shaped cloud” in maneuvers overhead, according to August 31, 2011, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.
The two were outside when they first heard and then saw crows flying overhead.
“Above them I see a white floating sphere, aspirin sized,” the witness stated. “It proceeds flat and moving very slow south.”

A witness with a strong military background watched two objects – an orb and a rectangle-shaped object – in maneuvers over their Arizona home.

Then from their right, a second object comes into view – “what looks like a rectangle-shaped cloud, like a dash of a cloud. It is moving very fast from the right and just misses the orb and speeds off to the left.”
They then watch as the orb drops toward them and the rectangle seems to react.
“The rectangle cloud comes fast from the left and crosses the orb’s path. As the strange, fast rectangle cloud just passes the orb, a very bright glint from the 1 p.m. high sun in the cloudless clear blue sky, bounces off the structure within the cloud – and as it swings by – blinds us. Very bright shiny, silver glint.”

The rectangle then made another maneuver.
“The cloud flies off to right at three times the speed of the fighter jets that fly at high altitude over my house. The orb is still descending back towards us, and returns back to the original spot above the tree line in my back yard. It has now completed a complete circle.”
As the rectangle stops to hover, the witness ran inside for binoculars. When he returned, the second witness said that the object had moved away behind trees.
The witness has a military background and cannot identify what he just saw.
“I am a trained Navy navigator and snoopy team observer. I know the differences between lights and objects – from a ship in high seas, bobbing up and down in the dark amongst other lights and objects. I have personally operated and been in jets and advanced systems as a boat driver a member of elite 6 man special boat unit – i.e. riverrat.”
The witness says he does not assume what he saw was alien – but it was something intelligently controlled.
“You do not assume this is a non-human craft – but the fact that they made no sound at all – hovered, moved and stopped at will in any direction – and that the white cloud shroud covered craft – went from one side of the sky to the other and then back at high speeds – silently – makes me have no doubt that I have witnessed the interaction of not one – but two highly intelligent and highly advanced UFOs.”

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