In the beginning…there was ‘The Void’

…there was “The Void “. A state of absolute nothingness. A perfect singularity that is not even space!

This primal void is the ultimate paradox. For it does exist! – what it is – is nothing.

This is a concept that most find impossible, for all mankind view the concept of void as non – existence. How can the primal nothing be quantified when there is no quantity? But when all that is – is not – then “not” is true. It is self evident. Thus we can percieve the “primal void” as being a qualified entity where there is no other entity to give it relevance. It is the paradox of it’s own reality that gives it dimension resulting in a structured sequence of quantity only evidenced physically in the present.

The primal void is the most infinitely complex structure imaginable; not a structure of matter, but of reality; the invisible blueprint of materiality.

For us to understand how matter came to emerge from void we need to establish the absolute facts of reality without assumption. We can illustrate the dimensional facets of voidal realisation with simple numbers much like the binary form used in computing; 0 and 1 – nothing & something.

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We can see how it works by imagining the start of all things, where there are no planets or galaxies; and using simple number’s, begin to describe the facet’s of voidal dimension:-

Nothing = 0

Nothing = 1 (the nothing it is)

Nothing = -1 (the thing it is not)

Nothing = 2 (the nothing it is, AND the thing it is not)

Remember we are quantifying facts, not adding numbers. These four representations are all true of the primal state.

Thus we find that the void does have dimension. These dimensions do not require any physical or outside qualification as they are all relative to the voidal singularity. This self realisation may suggest sequence – but how can nothing come one after the other? And so the paradox becomes irredeemable and matter must ensue – but void must also remain true. So the material realisation of the voidal paradox comes as a sequence; appearing and disappearing in the same instant, but having the illusion of being all that is. It’s continuity is fact on an untouchable level – the voidal dimension. In light of this revelation we can confidently assert that there is no such state as empty void and the prevailing perception of this concept is a decieving illusion. The voidal paradox creates all matter, which streams forth as a sequence of realisation, existing only in the moment; appearing and disappearing in the same instant. Matter is the physical part of deeper realities already realised by the voidal blueprint.

Because no thing or time exists within this state all possible sequences are true:

These numbers all appear in the book of Revelation:
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