Inter-Dimension MOPS preparing for 2012 The year of the Mayan & Hopi Prophecies of the SKY People

The MOPS are those who clean up for those who are called the Masters of the Universe. Some call the various SKY People the DEMI Gods, while some call them Angels and Extraterrestrials. Those who are familiar with the Ancient Mystery Schools know that at one time there were 22 and 33 with the numbers coded from 1 through 9 for the various overlords. 

The past has been filled with those who were seen as gifted and blessed as healers because they could converse with the SKY People. The Sky people were also considered by some to be the Lords and Masters and were seen as Gods and Goddesses. It will depend on the culture and the time on earth and in space as to what we call these Humanoids.

I can share a little of what I know inside my mind and feel with my physical that is the body-mind-spirit unit or vessel. I am part American Indian and the O Positive blood type is my own. I share a part of me that travels deep inside my spirit and is attached to my soul. Much of what I was allowed to know of those of the Aliens, UFOS, Flying Saucers, and Spacecraft not of earth origin were because of my heritage.

When I was a little girl I was taken to an Indian Reservation near White Sands, New Mexico where some of my relatives lived on one of my married into parts of the family. Some of my maternal and paternal grandmother’s relatives taught Indians and I have some of our old writings in Indian languages in our family heirlooms. Mother has them in her possession although I was once allowed to transcribe them onto paper. There were many artifacts that had ancient hieroglyphics on them.  I sometimes wonder if these were only Indian writings as they looked similar to ancient Egyptian and what I suspect as those of the Star People.

Since, I was allowed to know and meet some of these beings who were a part of orchestrating my life and education, I was allowed to know more than most about the various cultures and ways of diplomacy among humanoids. 

I also learned about those who were considered medicine men and medicine women of ancient tribes in the United States.  I learned that some taught meditation and some taught important lessons with and without the use of herbs and ingested medicines. I never ingested peyote or any form of hallucinogens. We who were introduced to those of the Sky People or the Star People were shown a different kind of magic. Magic that could make things appear out of what seemed to be thin air. They apparently were using the technology offered to them from their ships or spacecraft. We cannot understand all that can be created.

There are some sentient intelligent beings who are ebens or extrabiological entities by government officials and secret military inteligent factions. We call them extraterrestrials.

There are already those who come and go. This is kept from the general populace. The truth cannot be kept from all beings. This is not the way it is to be by those who are superior to those who control and rule those on earth.

There is a time when the entire general populace can be guided in one direction or another. The “TIME LORDS” are those above in stellar space who actually are called to convene and to have a realm space and place for the Masters and those of the Supreme Counsel to Council and meet. 

One might say that those who are superior and in charge of the universal order have a time when they will explore certain quadrants of this universe in their many areas of responsibility among all the universes of the metaverse which lies inside the Xenoverse.

The Xenoverse is that which is alien or Xeno to us all on earth. Only those who have been involved with the Ancient Masters and Ascended Masters have been aware of the Cosmos and the Omniverse in the past.

We are now going to learn about more than what we once thought of as the “ALL” in this world which has always been thought to be ruled by Gods and Goddesses and we became a planet that chose to believe in the “UNITY” of the one GOD in space. This made life more convenient.

We will now learn about the various other sentient intelligent beings and aliens that our ancient ancestors knew of in the past of our ancestors civilizations. We shall learn of those who were of the white skin from above and who ruled the brown skins of those below. There are also those of the yellow skins and the black skins that are all considered the same sentient intelligent being species with adapted skin colors based on their location and based on the outside forces that were not controlled on earth.

Many populations of gathered species of varied levels of intelligence have been brought to earth from time to time based on the need to incubate or share that which was taken from one place in space or another. This is what we now call terra forming and terra seeding the star seeds of light and energy that we call spirits. Our ancestors always knew of various spirits that could become entities as thoughts that could sooner or later be manifested into plasma form which could take on a physical form. Some were called demon spirits when dealing with negative entities and thought forms. We will learn how to control this energy with thoughts in the future.

The learning process for all those who were considered the Indians as in Mesopotamia and North America were considered brown skins who came in contact with the white skins of the ancient modern worlds through time on earth.

This has also happened in space. This will be happening again in space and on this planet we presently know as our own home world. We may soon find out that there are plenty of our humankind that are not comfortable on this planet and may want to leave if given a chance to leave and explore other worlds that exist in space and in this universe or in another dimension in what we presently call time. Space and Light are a part of the spatial quantitative realms of what we call physical existence.

We are learning there is more to our being that that which we can know and experience with our present senses. 

Those who have taught us on earth in the past were first taught by others who were superior beings. Those who were taught were given titles on earth such as those who mop up the spiritual ignorance that has been created on earth. MOPS is an acronym for Mystics, Oracles, Prophet/Prophetess, Shamans, Sages and various others of the occult, mystical realms that was once considered magic.

Those who were in the presence of superior beings or their chosen masters or angels were usually given a title of importance on earth as seers, and healers. Some became the leaders for tribes and in cultures and civilizations on earth and were asked to lead the people by those who from the heavens came. The SKY People of the past are aware of the STAR People who come and go from this planet. We should welcome those who can sign and appear as those who were asked to serve the chosen seers. We are all special in one form or another. It will take various levels of the Gamers of Life to understand how we can assist the entire Global Population to advance and excel in the future.

Insert from another article on UFO, and answered question in a comment made by TJ – (The year of the Mayan prophecies, 2012, fast approaches. Even now, plans are underway to organize special international 2012 Pow-Wows to commemorate the approaching dawn of the New Age. Given the evidence of inter-dimensional indications within the lore of the Maya, can we expect paranormal involvement in the upcoming conclusion of the Mayan cycle of the ages?) 
The answer is YES! There are those of us who come and go from this planet who are not seen or expected. There are those of us who are born here who act as symbiotes who allow for symbiosis of our own selves who have come and gone before in different times in space-time and in different dimensions.
The Mystics, Oracles, Prophets, Shamans also known as aka or a Secret Society of the Ancient Ascension Savored and Revered Masters of Spiritual Beings are being called out to this realm.
The Paranormal, Supernatural, and Metaphysical Realms of Existence have always been real to those who are interested in the energy and are about studying and practicing that which can be thought of as suprasensitive among the ancients and the modern beings.
We are all learning about our species as sentient intelligent beings who are of the humanoid class that are considered the normal of the general populace. We learn to create an overmind set or general populace way of thinking and accept these thoughts as entities into our general practice as a way of being and experiencing life with humankind’s laws.
Our ancient past civilizations had creations of their own kind which became social structure in society. Some were controlled. Some were hunters and gatherers who allowed their elders to be controlled by the global mind warriors in space. This is still found to be one of the games of life in today’s society on earth.
The fact that there are those who can shapeshift into the dream state of mind and can reveal thoughts as entities to others is a form of magick and new age magic. Revelations of the past are being made manifest once again with an increase interest in the paranormal involvement thanks to the upcoming date set in stone December 21, 2012 Time 11:11 as the energy passes over this planet as a precise marker in what we call time on earth.
There are many who will want to join energy, spirit, forces in the future for the good of humankind and the advancement of humankind not just in technology but in spirit.
Those of us who welcome the mysterious with our own curiosity and research should not shy away from those of the past who separated the cultural societies into that of white-yellow-and black magic.
The source has always been available, we all learn from the positive-neutral-and negative outflow of energy from the flux of space, and what is coming in the flow of waves as the particles in the flux are felt. We may not be allowed to see what is coming but we shall surely feel it together as one large gathering in time as one species on one planet.
Do not allow fear to take over for those who are not initiated and aware of others who come and go to and form this planet. Ascension and Descension are all parts of the life forms existence on this planet and on many others. 
In time, we shall learn of the Branes that are shields or sheets of energy that are permeated by existence of the entities we put forth as future and further expansion of light and life forms that we ourselves assist in creating with our own energy as thoughts and imaginations. The future will change and we will all be searching for new words and energy to shape shift that which in the past we had no meaning.
This is the future that we shall all come to learn about in the Xenoverse or that which we call the Xeno as Alien.
There is so much to know and Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla are two beings who could have eventually found the answers to more of what we in general grasp to understand.
There are new ways and new minds coming to earth. Many are already here on earth as the Ascended Masters. Some are related to those of the ancient astronauts who in some realms or dimensions are called names we cannot pronounce but in essence are called “Time Lords!”/ More later when the need arises. TJ 

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