Inter-Dimensional Hypothesis

Inter-dimensional Hypothesis is one alternate to the extraterrestrial hypotheses, or ETH for short.  It might explain from where the mysterious UFO spaceships originate.  The idea encompasses existentialism as well as quantum physics and parallel universes.  Other theories can be thrown into the mix as well, particularly those ideas that relate to multiple dimensions and separate realities.  Dr. Albert Einstein spoke of theories supporting interdimensionalism to the degree that the cosmos could contain many versions of “you” and many of “me”, and both of us might not be contained in all of them.  Existensialism supports the idea that reality is an individual thing.  This has been expressed in many doctrines.

Your perception of what is real is entirely a function of what you imagine to be real.” Psycho-Cybernetics 2000 Ó 1960, 1993 by Maxwell Maltz, and Bobbe Sommer, PhD with Mark Falstein, Ch 3, page 46.  [Emphasis theirs.]

Let us mention frequency and harmonics to see how they enter the equation. Imagine that we are all radio receivers.  (I believe that we all broadcast as well.)  So then, I am tuned to a certain wavelength of energy.  Everything that I imagine to be real (existentialism) is vibrating relative to that frequency.  For the sake of argument let’s say that my frequency is the 20-meter radio band.  My brain contains the antenna, tuner, mixer, and oscillator.  It’s the “front end” of my radio and allows me to experience everything in the format of that frequency, or rate of vibration.  I won’t experience anything in the 10-meter band because I’m not vibrating in that frequency and my “tuner” won’t pick it up.  People, places, and things in the 10-meter band may be real and solid for them, but invisible to me.

Now it begins to really get interesting.  In theory, (quantum physics), several different realities can occupy the same space, and you and I wouldn’t even experience a ripple.  For reasons unknown, people do catch glimpses of other scenes and people from other dimensions.  Among yogis and mystics, the “Jeweled Tower” is one, (as mentioned in the book “Poetic Vision”.)  The people may be called ghosts, spirit guides, etc.  They may enter our dimension, frequency, vibration, wavelength, or reality.  Since our personal “radio receivers” may be tuned differently, two people may be in the same room, seated together, yet one sees the vision or ghost, while the other does not.

I think it entirely possible that alien aircraft may be subject to the same conditions.  This would explain how they could appear, disappear, and re-appear at will.  When people open their minds wide enough, extraordinary things can be experienced, exotic aircraft, for example.  Or, for instance, if a person could tune to a future broadcast they might hear: “…the passing of country music legend, Willie Nelson.  It’s a trail of tears, here, in Nashville, Tennessee.”  I actually did pick up that future broadcast and was saddened by it many years ago.  I believe it was a broadcast from the future, and it certainly was not the first time that I’d received one, and not the last, either. 

 Think of it like this, two movie projectors are showing different films, side by side.  One is playing a reel from life in America in 1970, the other from life in 2010.  Once in a while themes, formats, and images overlap.  I believe that this is what has been happening.  The political scene, the uncertainty and price of oil, the Asian wars on multiple fronts, the civil unrest, the people complaining about corrupt government, this is the beginning.  Its like parallel time loops when they overlap.  Perhaps realities from two time periods have been running side-by-side, parallel to each other and the two cultures are interfering with each other.  It’s like the past is another radio frequency that is starting to bleed over into the present.  I read the papers, tune in the media, read between the lines, and listen to conversations on the street.  It’s like a replay of the late 60’s and early 70’s.  When I converse with others like myself, I hear the same thing.  They too feel like we’ve all been through all this before.  Much if the past is repeating.

Do people really preview television programs in their sleep?  The skeptics would deny it, but skeptics always say “no”.  So what?  It will prove out when the media personality says, “…It’s a trail of tears here, in Nashville, Tennessee.”    Willie will understand all of this, and some cowboys and cowgirls, and more than a few Indians will know why.  As for Mr. Nelson, I hope that he lives forever, and in a way he will.

Famous early writer and broadcaster Frank Allyn Edwards chronicled another “high strangeness” broadcast.  Some of us are familiar with the Texas television station whose signal was seen and photographed in the United Kingdom years after its call sign had gone off the air.  Some said that the signal had bounced off a distant star system and that was what caused the delay.  Others figured that aliens in an early contact of the electronic media kind had rebroadcast it.  Many people reported it, and the station call letters were photographed.  This happened in the early ‘50’s.  I wonder if the program contained out-dated American car commercials, or adds for companies gone out of business.  I saw a reprint of the call letters slide, and it was remarkably clear, considering no station had put it up in years.  Talk about reruns! 

This account is from Frank Edwards’ books on the Strange, which include: Strangest of All, 1956, Stranger Than Science, 1959, and Strange World, 1964, (all New York: Lyle Stewart.  Strangest of All is also published by New York: Citadel Press. Frank Edwards also authored Strange People, and of interest to Saucerians:  Flying Saucers-Serious Business, New York: Lyle Stuart, 1966 and Flying Saucers-Here and Now!  More info on Frank (A) Edwards can be found online.

And as for Inter-dimensional realities, its only applied science, metaphysics in practice, and proofs of theory in positive experiments, it happens all the time.  Multiple realities, extrasensory perception, quantum physics, clairvoyance, and flying saucers from other dimensions, all wonderful stuff in theory and especially in practice.  What’s “fringe” today becomes fact tomorrow.  Broaden your horizons.  Dare to believe.

From an unpublished book ”UFO, Clouds of Mystery” Ó2011 By Preston Cash, All Rights Reserved by Author.

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