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Betty and Barney Hill

I watched Cosmos by Carl Sagan on Saturday night; and in one of the ten disc set it featured your Aunt and Uncle, Betty and Barney Hill. Have you seen that Cosmos DVD and what do you think of the depiction shown?

In a chapter in my book Science was Wrong, I write about the “Conundrum of Alien Abduction.” As you saw in Cosmos it depicts Betty and Barney, driving on a very dark night, there is torrential rain hitting the windshield, they cannot see, they are confused. Betty is nervously looking up at a light, then they hear static…Betty is then shown adjusting the radio. It was really beeping or buzzing sounds that they heard, not static.

All of this is false. This is all misinformation. It was a false depiction of Betty’s and Barney’s experience. I am very upset over this false depiction in the mainstream media. There was no static on the radio…the radio was off! It was a bright light night. It was not a distant light in the sky that they saw. The UFO hovered and stopped them in the road as the UFO was only 200 feet above their car. When Barney got out of the car, then the UFO descended to within 100 feet hovering over of them.

Barney had conscious continuous recall of observing non-humans on the craft. He remembered that from day one. They heard beeping or buzzing sounds…and then they discovered themselves in a new location. It was 35 miles south. They had missing time. They remembered a fiery orb in the road. But they couldn’t remember the abduction right away. It wasn’t until they were hypnotized they recalled, individually recalled, a group of non-humans standing in the middle of the road. Then there engine died. Barney said he thought these were the same ones he saw in the field earlier with his binoculars.

Didn’t Barney stop three times on their way back home to New Hampshire?

Yes they stopped three times. The first time they stopped was at the Mount Cleveland picnic area, the second time was near the Old Man of the Mountain, and the third time they were not planning to stop but the UFO surged ahead and then he had to stop the car. That was one mile south of Indian Head.

In the depiction, it shows Betty and Barney got really sleepy and almost in a trance as they walked towards the UFO willingly. Is this a true re-enactment of was really happened?

It did not happen that way. No, Betty was very frightened and she tried to escape. As she opened the car door the aliens intercepted her and pointed something at her that made her lose consciousness. Barney thought of going for his gun but decided not to. He just opened his door and stepped out and they took him. He felt like he was floating. He felt something holding him up but his feet were slightly elevated off the ground. He felt like he was floating along…maybe they used a device to move him along. His eyes were closed.

Were they given a sedative?

No, it was not a sedative. They have ways of calming people. They can control your thoughts and behaviour. Many people have reported that they were transported by some sort of a beam.

To know more about the true story of Betty and Barney’s Abduction, please go to Kathleen’s website and get her book, Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience.

Transportation by Aliens

Have you heard that people get taken through a window or a solid wall? It is hard to believe because a window or wall is solid! Is the wall breaking up allowing something to pass through or is the person’s molecules being parted somehow…(laughs)

Yes, I have heard of this. There was an experiment…The Scole Experiment to study whether or not life goes on after death. It was a controlled experiment where there were 500 trials some in England, Spain and the US. In one of these experiments, there was a quartz crystal. The quartz crystal was placed on end. There was also a light orb; which are quite often seen in the homes or around the home of abductees; and the light orb penetrated the quartz crystal. The researchers were able to photograph the light orbs that they thought was the spirit of a dead person going into the crystal. This light orb went INTO the quartz crystal. The experimenter then put his hand through the crystal! Then the light orb left and the crystal became solid again. It is theoretically possible to move matter through matter by oscillating the vibrational frequency of each object to the same level. This has been done in a laboratory on a very small scale. It has been done mathematically.

So there is something going on here that would have to be proven by theoretical physics. I believe that ETs have this technology. The molecular structure is changed so this could happen.

I would think it would be easier for the walls to become less dense to allow something to pass through, than have the body’s molecular structure break up to be allowed to pass through.

Some abductees have reported that their bodies felt like they were coming apart. They experienced pain as they were transported onto that craft. A few people in my questionnaire have said they felt this. That is the human perception of their experience.

What do you think these light orbs are? I’ve seen film of them darting around looking like they are gathering information. Do you think they are gathering information or do you think they are something else?

Yes, orbs could be gathering information but from what I have heard from paranormal investigators, was that the light orbs may be spirits. I have heard that the ETs are on different dimensional levels. The ETs use this kind of dimensional process to come into peoples’ homes. There is no scientific evidence for this but I’ve heard this more than once. It has been reported to me when I asked paranormal investigators if they believed that these light orbs were spirits. I was investigating an abduction where the experiencer reported to me that she had paranormal activity in her home. The ETs came into the room and she observed peripheral figures that really frightened her. Then she witnessed paranormal activity in her home.

Solid Evidence

I believe that there is solid evidence, for example with Dr. Leir’s finding implants in people. Did any of your respondents to your questionnaire mention implants?

Yes Roger Leirs’ evidence is quite compelling. Some respondents to my questionnaire have had implants removed but they do not have the funding to have the implants tested. Some of the respondents said they could feel the implant.

The real implants are comprised of materials that reportedly cannot be found on Earth. One transmitted a radio-frequency that would broadcast in deep space. They are coated with a dense biological membrane that prevents rejection by the human body. They have attachments on each end that are connected to nerve endings. These are not just chips of glass or splinters that someone might have picked up during their

The implants that have been reported to me are in different locations; two in the spine, one in the temple, three in the nose, two in the lower leg, one in the eye and one in the hand.

One in the eye; that must really hurt! (laughs). You see where I’m going with this, as Carl Sagan said, extraordinary claims require extraordinary…


Right. So most sceptics would say, where’s your proof, besides people talking and I think implants are good evidence.

Yes, and I think the weight of the evidence is good. And look at the evidence on Betty’s dress. Her dress was torn in three locations. That pink powdery substance that grew on her dress has never been identified.

I know that Barney passed away first and then your Aunt passed away second. Before she did pass on, did she say anything to you that she didn’t tell anyone else?

She gave me a lot of information as we went through this. There was one piece of information that she had never told anybody. She wanted to test whether or not other people had encountered the same beings (ET) that she encountered. In the darkened hallway, she saw the stereotypical short four foot Grey that stared at her. It just stared at her. We now know that these type of Greys act as guards.

I heard that these smaller greys watch to see if any abductees take anything from the craft.

Yes and this happened to Betty. She had taken a book and this small Grey did report this and it was taken from her! She saw a script inside the book and I asked her to sketch it for me in the year 2000 and she did.

I don’t know if you are aware of an academic experiment conducted around 2004 by Don Donderi, who at the time was a psychology professor at McGill University, Stuart Apelle from State University of New York and Budd Hopkins. There was an experiment to determine whether or not graduate students could produce similar symbols as the abductees working with Budd Hopkins. One control group was hypnotized and told to imagine seeing alien symbols and sketch them, and the other (not under hypnosis), sketched what they thought alien symbols might look like.

The result of this experiment was that Budd Hopkins abductee’s symbols were very different from the ones that the students had just created out of their imagination. The conclusion was that perhaps some abductions were real. Budd’s abductees symbols had many similarities but were different than the control groups’ symbols.

Betty’s symbols were published in 2007 and Don did a comparative of the symbols from Budd’s cases and the symbols that Betty drew. The symbols were very similar!

Medical Intrusions as Evidence

I heard they sometimes remove the thymus gland, is this true?

No, they do not remove the thymus. I have heard of the removal of tissue from the thymus gland and other tissue but not the whole organ. The thymus gland is responsible for the immune system. If tissue is removed from your thymus gland you can develop lupus. Forty-two (42%) of the respondents that have filled out the questionnaire have a formal medical diagnosis of chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome, although less than 1% of the general population has it.

John Salter, who changed name to Hunter Gray and won the Martin Luther King Award, had an alien abduction while travelling in the 80’s. He told me years ago that he remembers a massive injection into his thymus; but perhaps it was tissue removal not an injection. What is interesting about this is that he later he developed Lupus and nearly died from the disease. I’ve recently found out after years of having Lupus he has now fully recovered! This is almost unheard of.

I wonder if they would have any cures to what ails the human race for example; heart disease, cancers, and AIDS?

Barbara Lamb, a regression therapist, worked with over a thousand people. She had some abductees who were cured of cancer. Stan Romenek required knee surgery but then after an abduction did not require the knee surgery as the aliens had repaired his knee.

I want at this point to mention your other book, penned with you by Stanton Friedman. What things do you talk about in Science was wrong? Briefly tell us.

We talk about things that some very brilliant, well educated scientists declared impossible. They debunked solid scientific discoveries and held up progress. Often times there were unfortunate consequences. Currently, I’m working on a new book that Denise Stoner and I hope will be published by next year.

What do you think about the weather, the polar ice caps melting, the greenhouse effect? I believe it’s just a naturally occurring state. The sun’s and our earth’s natural cycle.

Stanton talks more about this in our book. There are solar cycles, we also have been using fossil fuels a long time and that has a negative impact for the greenhouse effect, in my opinion.

I am going to ask the same question as the title of your presentation. Why don’t they land on the White House lawn? Why don’t they make their presence more obvious

to the public at large?

In my opinion, they consider us a too young a species and too difficult to communicate with.

So we would be like humans to a rabbit. We don’t really relate. I wonder why such a technically advance race could bother with us at all. There must be something special

about us and/or our planet.

Why has disclosure happened in relative secrecy and not publicly?

They come under the cover of darkness, they violate our ethical laws, they are committing criminal acts. We have to wonder what we humans would do. Would our plan be any different if we were invading another planet? What protocols would we have if we found life? Would we abduct beings as well?

For our readers can you tell me what are you presently working on and where people can go for more information on you, your books, research and lectures?

Yes you can go to my website at: You can purchase autographed copies of Captured!, Science was Wrong, and my chapter in UFO and Aliens: Is there anybody out There, published in 2011. I am going to be speaking at The International UFO Museum in Roswell, June 29-July 2 and MUFON in Covington, KY, August 3-5. I’ll be at the Indian Head Resort on September 14 and 15 to lecture and give a guided tour of the Hill’s close encounter route. The questionnaires are also posted on my site. Thanks for your interest in my work.

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