Interview with Travis Walton – February 25th (Saturday night)

You Have to Become Your Own Hero and Role Model

After a wonderful meal at the end of the UFO Conference, I approached Travis Walton for an interview.  He graciously said yes and we found a remote part of the resort that we could talk uninterrupted.

Walton, 59, is a gentle man of average height and a head of reddish hair. We took two chairs and he leaned back putting both his feet up against a post.  He seemed very relaxed and confident; apparently time and therapy has done very well for him. He has put everything into perspective and has come to terms with what happened to him.

I was slightly nervous when I realized that I am speaking to someone who is considered one of the most talked-about and famous cases in UFO history! Driving through Florida state this month I found a DVD on Aliens and grabbed it right away. I noticed that the Walton story was on that DVD!  I am mentioning this to point out how publicized the Walton case was. A lot of investigation went into the Walton case. The movie “Fire in The Sky” was made in 1993 about his UFO abduction that occurred in November 1975.

Seven loggers go into the Arizona wood to work.  What they saw that night astounded them and changed their lives forever.  They found a UFO in the woods. One of the men described the sight as “a most beautiful light, I thought it was the end of the world”.

All the men were in the 1965 crew truck driven by Mike Rogers, when Walton spotted a light behind the upcoming hill.  Being curious he asked them to drive closer then he got out of the truck and went toward the light. As he approached he realized the light was coming from above, not the ground level…he hid behind a log in the brush trying not to be noticed.  He tried to make a run for it back to the truck; a bluish green beam of light struck him and rendered him unconscious.

Travis Walton Johanne 21st UFO Conference AZ 2012

Travis went down.  The men, in fear of what would happen next, took off in the truck. Several hours went by before they went back to see what had happened to Travis. They were shocked to see no evidence or body…no signs of what occurred. The group began to panic as they were later questioned about the possible murder of Walton.  Many of the men, were so overwhelmed they left the area and went to remote places.

What was your response and the other logger’s response to you being abducted?

As Walton recalls, “Steve ran from it, Kenny refused to be involved, John stepped up to the plate, Dwayne Smith went to Oklahoma…the guys took other jobs and went underground. My brother, Duane was a rock and supportive.”

“Myself I lived in denial for years.  I tried to live a normal life.  I went back to logging. I would take my truck, my shotgun, cut firewood and just got on with it.  I took a job at a paper mill too. I just wanted to get back to “normal life” as soon as I could.”

Do you have any advice for “experiencers” that might help them with coming forth?

Mr. Walton took a moment to come up with an answer, finally he said; “If you think it’s going to make you feel a lot better about what happened.  Do it.  Think ahead of what it will mean to your friends and family before coming out as it does affect them too.”

Travis voice lowered and said, “My Sister and Mother were the most effected by my disappearance and reappearance.  My brother, Duane, was strong for me.”

What happened when you called your brother-in-law to come pick you up from the side of the road, in the phone booth?

“Well, the movie said I was found naked in a ditch near a telephone booth but I was fully clothed when the ETs dropped me off.  I now think that the aliens must be benevolent because they could have dropped me off anywhere, the fact that they remembered exactly where to bring me back…and putting me back near the town, shows me that wanted me to have an easy time getting back to my family.”

Do you have any advice for non-experiencers about the ETs living amongst us?

Do you think they are waiting to expose themselves and why do they contact some people rather than just make the giant announcement of “We are here.”

Travis responded, “Just the fact that they are waiting for the right time, waiting for us to be able to accept their presence shows me that the are benevolent to mankind. They don’t fear us but they know we would fear them. They prevent contact to protect us.”

Why do you think they took you aboard the craft; why not just leave you there?

“I can’t really say for sure but maybe they saw that I was really hurt and took me aboard to revive me.  I was in a lot of pain and shock.  I don’t know if I would have made it to a hospital in time.  I felt like I was burnt inside and out…like being electrocuted.”

How has this abduction changed the way you view the world?

“There’s nobody up there in the Government to rely on.  Everyone in the Government only looked at it from their point of view or specialty.  No one could give us a complete answer except from the perspective of their own agency department.

About that time one of the resort security guards came around and told Travis to put his feet down off the column.  Travis and I chuckled and Travis complied.  Ok so what we have is a man telling us that the Government themselves are not organized to deal with this type of thing.  I wonder how full disclosure will unfold at this rate.

I heard that you only recollect about 10-12 minutes out of 5 days and 6 hours. What happened during that conscious time you had aboard the ship?

Well it could be 1 to 2 hours or maybe it was more like 30 minutes but the pain and shock was so unbearable from the electrical shock I could not tell the real passage of time.

“I came to on the craft and heard sounds of movement around me.  My eyes were blurry but when I finally focused I saw short aliens around me in orange jumpsuits.  They had nothing else on them, no badges or buttons, zippers and just plain slippers on their feet.

I got so nervous I got up and knocked off the thing they put on my chest.  I grabbed a clear plastic tube and started threatening them with it.  They disappeared and went out a hallway to the right so I went to the left and then I went down this hallway the went into a round room.  In the round room was a high back chair with buttons on it.  I frantically pushed the buttons hoping that one of the buttons would open a door or something. There was a man who entered. I thought he might be military personnel so I started talking to him, more like I was babbling to him….the man didn’t respond.”

He took me to another room then down a ramp. We entered a large hanger facility where I could breathe much more easily.  I could see other craft and it was brighter in there.  There were other “humans” or “human-like beings.” I have been told by others that this maybe the Palladian race. There was one woman and two men plus the guy who brought me to them. They brought me to a table and easily picked me up. Gently they laid me on the table. The female placed a gas mask over my face and I went out.”

Some rumour said that you were left on the side of the highway naked is that true?

“No, unlike all the stories that went around I was fully clothed. They dropped me off on the same highway overlooking the town.  I think this shows that they were being benevolent or kind because they could have dropped me off anywhere.  I saw the lights of the town, I was in excruciating pain but I ran down into town to a telephone booth.

The damn thing was out of order! He chuckled…so I went to the next one and called my family, my brother-in-law and they came and got me.”

So you encountered two different races on board, the short aliens and the taller human-like alien, is this right?

Yes, I was more scared of the short ones.  It was their eyes.  The eyes are penetrating. The taller ones I thought were more like one of us so I didn’t panic as much.  I was still just dizzy, incoherent and babbling…I didn’t make much sense for a week.

So while you were gone, the loggers were under scrutiny from the Sheriff’s office about possible murder is that correct.

Yes, and the guys had to undergo lie detector tests which they all passed.

So did you undergo psychotherapy or hypnosis like many abductees?

“Yes I underwent hypnosis with Dr. James Harder of Berkley University.  I wanted to separate the truth from the fear.”  I did this I believe within a week of being abducted.

I was setup with an assumed name in Arizona and under went testing and brain scans.

The brain scans had bi-synchronized wave forms from front to back.  They picked up an unusual pattern.”  I was checked out by two physicians at my brother’s home.  They found that I was in good shape considering everything.  I had a small puncture mark in my elbow which could mean a needle was given.  I gave urine sample as well.  I didn’t have any bruises on my body.”

I hear you want to get all the loggers that were there that November night in 1975 as a reunion type thing?

Well, I have two of the loggers with me today, John Goulette and Steve Pierce but it would be nice to get everyone together, if they don’t want to do it I’d understand.                     

How were you able to recall the events that happened that night?  It was said that you were in total shock and a lot of pain.  How did you deal with this event?

“Well, I lost faith in people in general, I got depressed.  You can’t get any straight answers from the law or government. Family and friends pulled me through.  I tell my son you can’t rely on heroes or role models, you have to become one.”


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