by Alfred Lambremont Webre

VANCOUVER, BC – Italian Mars anomalist and author Matteo Ianneo has discovered anomalous structures in the Saudi Arabian desert. 

To access a photo album of the anomalies, please go to the following link and click on each individual image of the anomalies.


A description of the anomaly supplied by Matteo Ianneo is below


Many who know of Matteo Ianneo’s fantastic discoveries on the surface of Mars, other planets and earth, know how remarkable his findings are. As a researcher and investigative journalist myself, I personally believe Matteo has surpassed all others involved with extraterrestrial geophysics.
This time, Mateo takes us on a journey of fantastic discovery in the Saudi Arabian desert.
These are the coordinates on Google Earth
Le coordinate su Google Earth sono le seguenti. 25° 6’46.33″N 37°25’8.84″E
The land has suffer eraata corrige
The Earth
Subject: Errata Corrige
The lost cities that are spoken about in our earthly legends may be truth. Gigantic monuments populate our Earth and it is my belief that they were created by actual giants who were moving in to leave a clear trace of their coming to our planet. These giants were produced by continuous changes and an evolution in DNA. It is also quite possible Giants were the very gods narrated in our remote history. The legends are from millions or perhaps billions of years ago. Most of earth has suffered many cataclysms since then, and it is a misfortune that much of this history was destroyed.

The gods of these legends existed long ago and at one time, they were very real to our ancestors, these beings of great intelligence and height were to be envied. They were most likely our actual creators. They built gigantic monuments so wondrous, many of the ruins still defy logic to this day. Majestic pyramids and gigantic monuments were created for us, for our humanity. Their technologies were able to model and mold the rock, to do with it whatever they wanted.

Their technology had to have been very advanced. Many of them were been able to save people to help them escape from their dying worlds, by bringing them here to our Earth. The stories have all been redone and retold over and over throughout the years. Many men of the earth chose to hide the truth a very long time ago, out of fear. This history has already taught us. The truth can have other implications, some truth that most humans cannot accept.

Everything has been created from the beginning for the balance of our humanity. Many things are still to be discovered, possible hidden anywhere on the earth, even at times close to us but we cannot seem locate the evidence while some evidence stare at us from the Pyramids or some of the great ruins on Earth.
Atlantis and other cities have existed in the distant past, most of these great civilizations fell and these Gods probably view us with a great sadness. Ancient peoples in the past were always power hungry, war crazed and violent in nature, some possibly even dealt with nuclear war.

The possession of the planet was the only important thing to carry on. But something went wrong. The suspicious and greedy nature of these peoples caused them to rebel and destroy all their knowledge.
Today, I present my discovery that I’ve kept for a long time. I have made a very complex study of our Earth. I have gathered images to prove the existence of gods in our past. Beings who left their prints and pieces of their once great kingdoms behind here on our earth.

I assure you that the legends are true.

Italian Mars anomalist Matteo Ianneo discovers anomaly in Saudi Arabian desert (Photo Album)


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