JFK Pictograms

I received the following submission from reader and contributor Leonard Dobson. The submission speaks for itself. Dirk




Email Address: [email protected]


Name of photo: Assassination of JFK Kennedy Pictogram 1A. JFK Frame 257 Pictogram.

Location: DALLAS, TEXAS 

Date of incident: 22nd Nov. 1963 Midday

The assassination of President Kennedy, and the Digital Pictogram Scan results of the photographic records.

The photographic evidence for the case of an extraterrestrial involvement can be verified by anyone who wishes to download the same images from the JFK website.
They would need to go to www.alienslivingonearth.co.uk and download the free step-by-step ‘How to create your own Digital Pictogram Guide’, then if they follow the instructions carefully they will discover the reality of extraterrestrial life forms for themselves.
It needs to be pointed out that anyone attempting to do this exercise will require Adobe Photoshop software, and have a computer memory adequate to handle large format images of 150M / 300RES / 65cm size requirement, to achieve maximum definition.


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