Just How Prevalent Is The Matrix System?

“The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.” – Morpheus, from the movie The Matrix.

I wonder how much of the days news is used as a way of using fear to speed up the process of keeping an eye on us 24/7. I can see the day coming where a GPS tracking device is used to view what any individual is doing, where they are at and who they are associating with at any time. Especially if a microchip is inserted into the human body that can receive any signals transmitted to it or from it. Anyone monitoring you will be able to keep track of your doings no matter where you are, in a well lit room or a darkened one. If and when this comes true talk about a situation of no place to run, no place to hide.

Before anyone dismisses this a some type of paranoia, we need to take a look at the message behind the message. How often does advertisers, politicians, religious leaders, among others, try to project subliminal messages into our minds therefore affecting our lifestyles. As a result too many of us have allowed ourselves to become institutionalized and boxed or walled in just to live in survival mode. There must be no reason for poverty or hunger as there is enough to go around. But distribution and over pricing is a big problem as wealth and food are abundant. So somewhere there must be a lot of hoarding going on.

I’m one of those who wonder how much of the matrix system is “hidden in plain sight” and what else is being “developed in secret and are already in use.” Once a persons consciousness or mind is altered, can they fully get it back? I think that whoever is really in charge is either so scared of the population or so lustful for absolute power they will program and control us to the point that we will become no more than automatic and unquestioning drones. David Icke wrote in his book “The Global Conspiracy and how to end it”; “Unless we become conscious, the Matrix acts like a voice telling us what to believe is real – much like the way the queen in ant and termite colonies broadcasts a frequency that the workers pick up and respond to in their behaviour.” Couldn’t put it better myself.

If the Matrix system was put to an end, would it end or alter some careers as we know yet? How many pulpits would be empty on Sundays? How much power that organized religions would cease to be? A lawyers career would end as lawsuits would cease to happen as much. A doctors career would be severely cut into as alternative healing and preventative medicine would be at the forefront keeping people healthier. But it seems the medical establishment opposes this on whole as they want as many people as possible hooked on pharmaceutical drugs. The arms industry opposes world peace and war no more government, as we know it as it would cut into their profits and testing new types of weapons including bio-weapons. I wonder on top of this on just how cheap human life is to them. Organized religion of all stripes attack anything that doesn’t conform to their viewpoints or agenda. How often do they use fear, judgement and sin to keep people intimidated therefore easier to keep them in line.

I liked how David Icke described the Matrix as a vortex spinning round and round, getting slower and slower causing the energy to become denser and denser, with the Time Loop, like an anchor, pulling the rest of the Matrix into greater density and disconnection. Icke thinks of the Matrix as a whirlpool, the Infinite Oneness as the river. While the Matrix is still part of the “river” it’s more like a whirlpool or eddy operating in its own world and agenda.

It’s only when we free ourselves of all and any conditioned belief systems that we’ll be freed from the illusions that the Matrix system has pulled over our eyes. I’m even suspicious of what information psychics spew out. I was once told by a Wiccan priestess that the on line or toll free witches are paid only to tell people good things. So much for an accurate tell it like it is reading. I have to ask what information is being passed on by chandlers. Is it something made up on the spot by the channelled, a message from either good beings with our best interests at heart. Or is it demonic influences pulling us into darkness or the Matrix system out to trap us into deeper illusions? I suspect reincarnation is just another way of keeping people trapped in a cycle of servitude. Astrology is one of the worst belief systems to keep people manipulated in an illusionary system. There is far more to a person that what astrological sign they were born under.

We can’t defeat the Matrix prison or system by revenge or hatred of any kind. We’ll just add on to it by being like it is. We need to change ourselves by changing how we think and connect with the Universal Spirit. We have that connection inside us so we don’t need to run around looking for the answer out there. I’d like to see what will happen once the Matrix system is overwhelmed and brought to an end.

Ron Murdock
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