Lack Of Privacy

If you’re gettng that feeling of being watched you probably are. How much interest “The Watchers” take in you is a moot point. I doubt if most of us are doing anything of significance to be kept track of by those in the shadows. But the point here is that there is so many survelliance cameras in public areas and it’s a case of who is watching and who is being watched. The theme song here could very well be “Every Breath You Take” by The Police.

Privacy is a basic human need, everyone needs time to rest and regroup. With advertising so prevalent, it’s like our needs and wants are up on the auction block and being bidded on 24/7.

What scares me is how much longer will we be able to speak what is on our mind without being censored by a politically correct bureaucracy. It’s been 65 years since George Orwell wrote “1984”, so with the technological advances since then, any torturers or interrogators must salivate at the current methods availiable.

When it comes to to the amount of survelliance are we being overly parnoid? Dennis Miller wrote to the effect that paranoia is a keen perception of ones surroundings. With that in mind maybe “they” are out to get us. Brings a new perspective to two sayings; they being “Help, help. The inmates are running the asylum.” or “Help, the paranoids are after me.”

It’s a crying shame that we could be labelled a troublemaker by stating a honest opinion. Then we could have our phone tapped, snail mail read or email intercepted. Do we really need or want to be lving in a world like that?

Ron Murdock

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