Lamb and Dragon

LAMB AND DRAGON photos really are mind-bogglers since the day they were taken.  Several shots were made knowing the possible regret that would come later, had only a frame or two been exposed.  Luckily, the images registered well, and were quickly transferred to disk, lest something unforeseeable should happen.  Even so, the images were left on the memory card for some time as back up, and downloaded to disk with other unrelated material, just in case.  These images are obviously extremely important, though the full implication of this material remains to be seen.

These images were recorded as they drifted along overhead at one-hundred feet or more.  Other similar images passed at greater distances, forcing decisions as to subject material.  Though little breeze existed at ground level, mild overhead westerly’s moved the subjects along slowly but steadily.  What would biologists call them?  Are they unknown to present-day science?  Perhaps they are a new species, but how could any species be considered “new”?  Not only were they different from life as we know it, they were as different from each other as a fox is to a lizard.  At the same time they were alike in a diaphanous, gauzy, ghostly sort of way.  Questions began to form as to their composition, or lack thereof, as well as their relationship to each other and the earth below.  Do they even belong here, and why haven’t we seen them before? 

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Are they the Lamb and Dragon of biblical scripture?  How do they relate to Bible prophecy?  Do angels have pets as we do cats and dogs?  These photos imply interaction of some sort, playful, cooperative, or in enmity with one another.  Was or is some sort of life-or-death struggle going on, and what role, if any would be played by humans?             If “…there was war in heaven”, would humans be obliged to participate?  Would the call go out to fashion our “pruning hooks into knives and our plows into swords” and the old men say “I am strong”, and “even the weak must fight!”? In the last photo, which is called “Lamb and Dragon Confrontation”, the figure on the right seems to be rearing up to strike back at the one on the left.  Or if it is not confrontational, perhaps it fell back for another reason.  Since there is human psychology, child psychology, and animal psychology, is there also an alien psychology?  If so, who teaches it? 

Is it high time for an alien protocol?  How about new rules of engagement or an Emily Post for interaction with Aliens? What forms of address do we use for space entities?  Nothing on this is in the latest Associated Press® Stylebook©.  Perhaps we could apply the rules for transactional analysis in order to establish a rudimentary dialogue with the visitors.  But what if we were duped into a discourse with the wrong aliens?  Would the aliens’ enemies be miffed?  Could we find ourselves in a cosmic jam or celestial dilemma by our extending the olive branch to the wrong entities?  Perhaps these concepts of alien communication have already been expressed, and safeguards and common courtesies have already been worked out in the various works of science fiction. 

If interplanetary or inter dimensional protocol is already a done deal, perhaps we will know what to say if they ask us to “Take me to your leader.”  Biblical visions and visitations would seem to indicate good communication between angels from the future and people of the past.  The discourse may be initiated by the visitors, with them having solved any diplomatic challenges.  As I recall, they’ve already gone on record as saying “I bring good news of great joy, and peace and good will to men!”             ©2011prestoncash

Text & Lamb & Dragon photo are from an unpublished book UFO, Clouds of Mystery, ©2011 by Preston Cash.  Email: [email protected]


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