Larry Bryant Hot On Trail of WikiLeaks, State Department Cautions, UFOs

By Gordon J. Gianninoto 

I had brought this up first when Julian Assange mentioned there were UFOs mentioned in state department official cables. Nothing much has transpired since he admitted he had seen such cables, and that they existed.

Now I learn that our favorite freedom of information activist pursuing the US government coverup of UFOs, Larry Bryant has identified one such cable dated from November of 2005 in which the US State Department specifically instructed US Embassy personnel in the Ukraine to NOT discuss ‘UFOs entering Earth Orbit’, or concerns the Department of Defense has with such matters.

So here is the first evidence that the State Department has mentioned UFOs and refers to them as of concern to the Department of Defense, and that such subjects are not to be discussed. Was there a leak in the Ukraine? Are there lists of UFOs entering earth orbit? Are there other State Department cables mentioning UFOs, in regard to what? Larry is trying to find out as the below email demonstrates. Our hopes are with you Larry.

Of course, doesn’t the majority of the population now believe that there are aliens and they come here? As Larry aptly puts it, “Information is property, and public information is public property.”

When I say that billions of ETs are here now, mostly on the next frequency or dimension up, and with all the thousands of UFO cases reported, and with the almost complete lack of physical evidence, I mean to say that does not the lack of evidence itself prove ‘they’ are here?

I have attached a few UFO photos showing ships in the outer atmosphere or beyond. 

Why are ETs here in massive fleets and on the ground, under the ground, in the ground and under the ocean? First of all they are interested in what is about to happen on Earth. Secondly they are very interested in the spiritual choices we all individually have the freedom to make. If the universe is 16 billion years old and the Earth is 4 billion years old; and, considering the rate of advance of technology in the last 100 years on Earth, doesn’t it make sense that ETs navigate not only the location of their destination, but also the time of their arrival? We all know from physics that if you can travel faster than the speed of light, time for all purposes, stops. If we take the word of telepaths and psychics, and contactees, ETs at the highest level of technology attract themselves to their destination, and arrive at the same time they left; their time, not ours.

I imagine this is of great interest to the US State Department. It is unlikely any State Department cables contain technological information, as that is not the role of the State Department. Actually, the role of the State Department is to lie to other nations about how much technological and sociological information the US has about alien races. Figure it out; could they actually be up to anything else? Surely DOD and Pentagon and the military industrial complex are working full time on the subject of alien technology. But the State Department? Their role has to be a large layer of coverup. And here is the first solid proof that is exactly what they are up to.

I added the additional spacing and the emphasis in red, below. Can we expect any freedom of information disclosure? Not really. But it is nice to see Larry trying to hoist the US government on its own petard…

Meanwhile, read to find out all about aliens on Earth. Oh, and the Zetas describe the MJ-12 dealings with selfish ETs, the problem that the coverup involves. You would not like to contact selfish ETs; but selfish ETs made agreements with the US military before, during and after WWII and the horrendous results are cause for the coverup. Meanwhile, you have the total freedom to ask unselfish ETs to contact you directly. Try it, it works. So many have tried and succeeded. The only rule? You have to ask for contact.

I have attached a few UFO photos showing ships in the outer atmosphere or beyond. These photos are not related to this case in the Ukraine, but show there are more than one such incident spread out over years in the past. I could have included more UFO photos, but you get the idea: They are everywhere and no two alike! And just these photos show that anything and everything the US government could say on the subject a lie. And this is a very small selection.


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