When you follow news every day as an investigative journalist to get every tiny bit of info as I do, you find certain happenings that occur tend to be related to one and another.

With large earthquakes, for example, we find that when one strikes a part of the world, another quake of near equal magnitude will assuredly happen somewhere else within a few days, if not sooner.

Also, with deaths of well known personalities such as celebrities, politicians and other public figures, we find that when one death occurs, two more will follow in a very short time of people in the same genre. 

I study news every day and notice the little things many people would not.

Today, a news story broke of Harrison Ford crash landing his vintage airplane on a Los Angeles golf course.

Normally, there wouldn’t be anything unusual about such an event, we all get involved in accidents all the time. However, in Harrison Ford’s case the latest brush with death comes less than a year after he was injured on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII when he broke his ankle during filming.

I’m sure you are wondering by now, so what, people have accidents all the time. Perhaps they do, but in Ford’s case, the latest accident involving a plane crash seems to be a part of a larger cosmic process involving threes. 

As most of us know, a death of a celebrity will set in motion a process that usually takes the lives of two more celebrities. 

With Harrison Ford, the latest accident is part of a series of three, first the broken ankle, which very well could have been life threatening at his age if the fall had happened to break more than his ankle. The latest plane crash was yet part two in Ford’s escaping death.

What I see from this is Ford having yet another accident within the next six to eight months because he is in a sequence of events of three. This next accident however, will end up being fatal for him.

I thoroughly believe we will be hearing news of the death of Harrison Ford before the end of 2015. I sincerely hope I’m wrong.


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