Making Some Comparison​s

“People are like stained glass windows. They sparkle and shine but when darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within.” – Jean Huston 

One show I enjoy watching is SG-1. Though a work of fiction, I’ve wondered if there is some basis of truth in the shows, information not yet made public. One of SG-1 shows, New Ground, had me connect some dots. Several years ago I came to believe that the majority of us are little more than pawns in the various number of ideology wars. Those with the real power use organizations like the military or religion to keep us in line through social engineering. 

In New Ground a stargate was accidently uncovered after being buried for several years. An operating stargate would add exposure to new cultures and open up new ways of looking at things. The show centered on the people of Bedrosia who had a dispute with the Optricans on just how life came to be on Bedrosia. As I was watching the show I noticed some similiarilities on how our system operates. Regardless of subject matter, the predominant viewpoint is that we are right and everyone else is wrong. The stubborness and stiff necks involved in unfortunate. Just how hard is it to let in the fresh air of change and see things from a different perspective? But most of us are creatures of habit, so breaking the mental shackles will be difficult. 

I read in “Nazis On The Run” by Gerald Steinacher that in 1944 Pope Pius XII “declared that the Church would view democracy – if purified by Christian influence – as form of government on par with monarchy.” Knowing how absolute power corrupts absolutely I’m not exactly trusting of those who would dictate on how we should live our lives. I believe anyone showing initiative should get the breaks and rewards in life. 

I’m afraid of what could go on behind the scenes or beneath the surface at top secret facilities, underground bases or military prisons. How many times have people disappeared only to wind up in these places to be shown the errors of their ways then started to be re-educated? Under the duress of torture, people will do anything to have it end. Just read what O’Brien did to Winston Smith in Orwell’s book 1984. Imagaine what could be done with todays technology. Some people are so dedicated to ideological “purity” they can no longer see that they are just human beings, prone to making mistakes. It becomes more dangerous when group numbers increase and become too committed to “pure” ideas. 

Unless we do change things around very quickly, the plug on the human race may be pulled sooner than what we expect. Nuclear facilities is the last straw in our undoing. One major mistake and we have a worse situation on our hands than Three Mile Island or Chernobyl. I don’t see some invented God of the day stopping things. Unfortunately we are quite capable of doing it ourselves. 

Just how much time do we have left?

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