More deceased birds in Louisiana

Incidents of deceased birds falling in Louisiana are being documented days following a comparable event in AR. Only a few hundred miles and couple of days separated the two incidents, which is an eerie coincidence. The cause isn’t known yet, however testing is underway.

After AR, Louisiana sees dead birds as well

Several birds have been dropping by the mass out of Louisiana skies. The incident took place just days following the small town of Beebe, Ark., saw several thousand blackbirds drop out of the sky on New Years’ Eve. Over 500 blackbirds, starlings and sparrows all fell from the air on a stretch of interstate that is near Labarre, Louisiana, accounts CNN, which is in Pointe Coupee Parish. The first plunge had birds surviving although they did eventually die. About 300 miles south of Beebe, Ark., or where the deceased birds were found first, was where the rain of birds taken place. The birds are being sent to test laboratories to see if there are any commonalities between the incidents.

Tension leads to incident with Arkansas

There was trauma that brought on the birds to drop from the sky as outlined by an autopsy that was done of the deceased birds in AR. A spokesman for the AR Game and Fish Commission said the birds all had suffered some kind of physical trauma to the breast tissue. There was internal bleeding found in much of the birds. It didn’t seem like there was a disease.

The raining birds all over the place

A cold weather and storm front is moving through that part of the country, and weather events such as hail or lightning could effortlessly kill large flocks of birds. It is likely the first event could have taken place because of the loud noises that came to the birds in flight with fireworks. The second event would not work with this theory though.



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