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The UFO Traffic Report for Sunday, October 16, 2011, includes higher triangle traffic with reports of objects rather low over California, Kansas and Michigan; and moderate UFO activity elsewhere with 10 selected recent reports from eight states – mostly bright light-style objects, with two cigar reports and one chevron case as filed with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database during the past 24 hours.
October 15, 2011, is the high reporting date – with six cases from six states – including two cigar UFOs reported from Pennsylvania and Virginia. Note the “black band” description once again from the Pennsylvania case.
Top News
A Kansas witness reports watching a silent, slow-moving, triangle-shaped object under 1,000 feet that was “about the size of a medium to larger size passenger jet.” Story.
A Michigan woman reports watching a triangle object with “three strobing lights close to the ground” near her home at 6:20 a.m. on October 15, 2011. Story.
A California witness driving west along the 101 near Woodman reports a “silver-colored, triangular object with a red light at the point and two green lights midway down each side” and about 100 feet overhead. Story.
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October 15, 2011
AZ- Orbs, changing to rectangle; from South MT web cam, Phoenix.
“They have changed light patterns several times, and twice I saw a misty orb – once on the right of it and the other way above it.,” the witness stated. Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3. Case 32596.
GA – Chevron, 30 to 35 amber lights; 8:30 p.m.
“As the object became close, the object was not single, but several amber lights in a loose formation,” the witness stated. “Some of the amber objects changed position, but as a whole remained in the chevron shape. The object, or objects were high altitude, leaving no trail or emitting no sound. The number of objects appeared to be anywhere from 30 to 35 individual amber lights.” Case 32607.
NC – Bright Light.
“The white light emitted was extraordinarily bright, with no blinking light that one would typically observe on a plane and the engine noise was barely noticeable,” the witness stated. “The object moved in a similar path to a jet, but it was very difficult to tell the distance from myself to the object. When driving past the airport I have seen planes at very low altitude that were not nearly this bright. Planes that do cross airspace over our house are distinctly heard and visible. The object was entirely too quiet to be that close and that bright, and the hair on my arms immediately stood up (and actually teared up) as I told my wife through the screen door that I seriously think that there is UFO out here. Within seconds the object made a rapid ascent; the light growing smaller and dimmer towards the stars then completely disappeared from sight. The object had flown a straight flight path for probably about 10 seconds that I observed and within three seconds was out of sight.” Case 32606.
PA – Cigar, with black band at center.
“Live within a Philadelphia Airport flight paths, and have become used to many different types and speeds of familiar craft.” Case 32597.
TX – Bright Light, hovered, pulsating lights; South on Ella Blvd. toward 610.
“Object hovered, but at the same time circular lights covered the outside of object and the lights were turning – lots of different colors,” the witness stated. “We turned onto 34th Street and followed object through a subdivision. There were lights that pulsated in and out. Object then crossed over 610 west heading to the south and we lost sight of it. We called 911 and asked if anyone else noticed or reported an unusual glowing object. We know helicopters can hover in one spot. This was not a helicopter. There was no noise. We had our windows open and the lights moved in opposite directions, like two layers of lights.” Case 32609.
VA – Cigar.
“It was brilliantly white, shaped like a real skinny cigar, and racing across the sky faster than any airplane,” the witness stated. “It was gone almost as soon as we saw it.” Case 32611.
October 14, 2011
AZ – Flashing light, sequence, disappearing and reappearing; Highway 347 south near Maricopa from Chandler.
“Through the top right corner of my windshield, I noticed a string of several lights that would flash one time in a sequence and then disappear, only to flash again in sequence further to the right of where I initially noticed them. The bright lights would light up one after the other in a line of three and then disappear in reverse the same way they came on. Like I said, I saw it go through its sequence once, and then again almost as if it was moving in a straight line, or as if it vanished and reappeared along a horizontal path, like it was blinking.” Case 32603.
KS – Star like; group of three; group of 25.
“The luminosity of the UFOs is roughly that of the brightest star,” the witness stated. “One moves in a direct path, while the other two loop and twine around each other in strange and unnatural ways, adjacent to the path of the first. They speed off faster than an airplane. An hour later, roughly 25 dimmer objects appear in the sky. They fly in a V-formation. They move at a moderate speed past the edge of the roof. Myself and others rush to the front of the house where we see the formation halt, form into a square, hold in position for roughly five seconds, then speed off west, following the path of the previous sighting.” Case 32595.
SC – Star-like, hovering, flashing, no sound, vanished.
“Looking at the stars,” the witness stated. “One star was blinking rapidly and a little larger than a normal star. Almost parallel to the moon – off to the left. It was just hovering. It was low enough for there to be sound of a plane – but no sound. Then I thought maybe I’m seeing a meteorite heading straight in. The red flashing and white were possible for something tumbling in. But the object never got closer, larger or smaller – it just stayed in the same spot for almost an hour. It suddenly just disappeared. I thought I may also have watched a star burn out. Problem is that a star does not belong in that location in the sky.” Case 32599.
TX – Bright Light.
“I observed a large, bright object on the horizon to the southwest,” the witness stated. “It was stationary, and extremely bright white-yellow, and seemed to be brightening as I observed it. The UFO moved silently to the west, and very quickly. Much more quickly than a regular airliner or jet could move. It was also completely silent. Right after the object disappeared, I looked to the east and noticed two searchlights aimed in its general direction, swishing back and forth. There were also several ‘booms’, like gunshots prior to and immediately after the object disappeared from my sight.” Case 32594.
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