Multiple UFOs Invade Michigan Skies

Roger Marsh,
UFO Examiner

Witnesses in Michigan were able to capture some of the event on video as multiple cylinder-shaped objects crossed the night sky.

Credits:MUFON database.


A Michigan witness reports watching multiple vertically-positioned, cylinder-shaped flaming objects that crossed the sky slowly “just above the tree tops” from the southwest to the northeast, according to September 12, 2011, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

“They appeared to look like big, vertical hot air balloon flames – only without the balloon, basket or accompanying noise,” the witness stated.

The objects were arranged in groups and appeared to make formations.

“They were travelling in groups and/or triangular formations as well as singularly – all in the same path together, one right after the other.”

One of the witnesses ran inside for a camcorder – and they were able to capture a piece of the event.

“The best perspective we were able to capture was the one we got showing the three of these independent, non-connected cylindrically-shaped balls of flames travelling together in a triangular-shaped formation.”

The video can be seen at this link. The photo posted on this page was taken from the video. The objects eventually faded in the distant sky.

“We watched them slowly travel away from us and then gradually just fade away into the clear night sky.”

No town name was mentioned in the public portion of the MUFON report, which was filed on September 12, 2011. The events occurred on September 11, 2011. The above quotes were edited for clarity.


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