My Close Encounter, And the Moment I Knew My Purpose

I would like to share the single most important experience of my life with all of you, the moment I became a believer, and the driving force behind ever breath I have taken since.

Almost ten years ago, when I was 12, I was playing in the field behind my house with my best friend Alyssa. We always played outside, because, something which I didn’t fully grasp at the time was that Alyssa was black and I am white and my grandfather who I lived with didn’t want her in the house. He didn’t tell me this directly, and at the time all I knew is that we only hung around outside because if we went inside he would get angry.

So we were outside talking about school and our friends in the late fall, and it was getting very cold. We were also talking about how we probably wouldn’t see each other outside of school much anymore because of the winter coming.

When we talked about this, it was kind of sad, and we wound up talking later than we usually did, and for the first time discussed the reasons why my grandpa might not want her to come over. We hit the nail on the head, and we both cried for a while, and later, I got my first kiss.

My spirits really lifted then, and I felt that I had started to understand a little more of the mysterious nature of reality that had been so opaque in my childhood. I was happy. And then they took her.

I did not see a direct manifestation of technology like the spacecraft, so frequently discussed by my fellows throughout the compendium of knowledge, on this website. I observed, instead, a great flash of light, followed by what seemed like all of the stars converging into a large field a mere hundred yards from me or so.

It was at that point that a “man” if you could call him that, who introduced himself as (phonetically) Klarm, asked us which of us should go with him back to his world. He told us that humans from our world had been infiltrating his dimension for decades, but was unsure how long that actually was in our “star-cycle.” He had brown and leathery skin, wore no clothes, and had one large red eye in the center of his head, with no mouth to speak of. I could not, as a child, understand how he was speaking, but I now believe it was through some sort of psychic channel. After telling both of us secrets of the “physical construct of the universe” and “portals from beyond” he decided, without either of our consent, to take Alyssa.

Nobody believed me when I told them what had happened. A few days later when she had officially become a missing person, I briefly, and then soon after my grandfather, were taken into custody. Both of us remember talking first to the police, and then to men in black suits who refused to show their authority, but appeared to be superior to the police in behavior and body language. They asked me questions about the man from the middle dimension, and I answered truthfully, where after they released me. They asked my grandfather these same questions, and he became belligerent and demanded a lawyer. Later, he was released, never having been formally charged, but being held in secret for over five days. Every attempt he had to bring a civil suit against the government for this infringement of his rights was thrown out before reaching trial.

To this day, no one has seen or heard of my childhood friend. My grandfather was considered to be her killer by her family, and I saw no option other than to move away, never talking to anyone from my hometown again.

I know this does not contain any supporting evidence, and I know not everyone will believe what I say is true. This is simply food for thought.


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