Well here it is. A millionaire at an airshow was taken to a hanger and shown USAF flying saucers and how they work. He then worked with an artist to come up with remarkably detailed schematic cut away drawings of how they achieve flight, their design and use. It had to happen sometime and it looks like that time is now. Back engineered from captured alien ships they have been in use for years and years and are capable of speed of light or greater travel without burning any fuel.

Using air coil Tesla transformers, voltages are stepped up to incredible numbers and then pulsed into alternating half inch copper plates arranged in 48 sections. The plates act as capacitors and using the well known, but never before practically used, Biefield-Brown effect, positively charged plates above negatively charged plates create lift. By charging the separate sections, lift, acceleration and direction are controlled in essentially the same way 48 jet engines arranged in a circle would create thrust, except that there is no fuel and no thrust.

The effect is to generate gravity and push away in any direction at any speed. Another way to describe it, is the same as creating lift in any direction. Before you become confused about generating gravity, let me say that in the estimation of my scientific background, which may surprise some of you, I firmly believe there is gravity and more gravity but no such thing, ever, as anti-gravity, now or in the future.

This article does not mention whether gravity is generated or neutralized, but my scientific background led me to conclude in 1974 that gravity pushes, and in a discussion with Dr. Ephraim Fischbach of Purdue University over the phone in 1988 he admitted to me, when I stated that I discovered gravity pushes, that there is NO proof EVER as to whether gravity pushes or pulls, [!]  and that if I could create an experiment to prove it either way, I would be one of the most famous scientists in the last 500 years or possibly ever.

I also own a Tesla coil and am familiar with the odd effects of extremely high alternating current voltages. I am also familiar with the Biefield-Brown effect and have seen videos of high voltages lifting sheets of aluminum foil and flying them around the room. Some of these videos are available on Youtube.

So, in conclusion, I believe that this is logical, makes sense, and works. Therefore I believe that this entire disclosure is 100% accurate and I have to thank Dr. Stephen Greer for his persistence and devotion to this disclosure cause, without which this information would never have come out. I also thank Major George Filer, retired for publishing this article in his much appreciated Filer’s UFO Files, weekly newsletter, supported by contributions only. It is to be found in the weekly newsletter published in week 19 of 2011, which is this week.

I am not certain that the description of zero point energy is real, accurate, useful or needed to explain the manner in which the science works, as the saucers were seen flying but not explained; and using zero point energy is a dream, a popular discussion term, but one which has never been proved or put to use in any way shape or form. Instead of inventing excuses, I prefer to believe that the simplest solution is best: gravity is generated to push away from one direction toward another. Seeing the interior cutaway view of a government saucer is not the same as having the science of it explained.

But, having ET saucers in my yard frequently, rocking gently as boats at anchor, I absolutely believe these machines are consistent with ET technology, but if so, at a much cruder, albeit working, level. In fact, this description of the USAF craft at rest in the air, matches Janet and my experience exactly.

Now as to the source of the inspiration to develop the saucers, this does not prove it is back engineered alien technology, as all the parts of this equipment could have been designed by Tesla in the year 1910. However, as he never did that, to my knowledge, and there have been persistent rumors of back engineering ET craft, I have to vote with back engineering ET craft.

Here is the text of the description of three saucers, 24, 60, and 125 feet in diameter,  seen and demonstrated in 1988 at Norton AFB outside of San Bernadino.  I would like to add that as civilian space flight is ending, partly from danger of rocks in the tail of  Planet X which is  about to cause pole shift, these clever craft will be grounded as they are not impervious to rains of gravel at 30,000 miles per hour. But as most ET craft operate on another dimension up from the physical, they are impervious.

Having government saucers is one thing, the use of them is another unsolved mystery. Have we had a base on Mars since 1962? Do we have a secret space station with the Russians beyond the orbit of Mars or Jupiter since 1973? Are there enough of these spacecraft to remove the elite from earth for pole shift and bring them back as kings of the earth in the aftertime? Do the Russians have the same technology known as ‘Cosmospheres’ as much rumored since 1973? I guess you would agree we need more disclosure.

And remember, if you had your own saucer tomorrow, it would not make you a better person, as possessions do not make spiritual growth. In fact, they usually cause the opposite. When you talk about a secret government, and their secret technologies, you have to think if we are still burning fossil fuels, they are still service to self, ie, selfish.


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