New Planet That Can Support Life Found

Astronomers from the Carnegie Institution of Washington and the University of California, Santa Cruz have announced another habitable planet found in the universe.


Image Credit: Time


They announced it in Astrophysical Journal Letters and the planet is quite interesting compared to other planets found that may support life. The new planet, playfully called GJ667Cc, is about four and a half times the size of Earth and is found 22 light-years away. Because of the size of the planet scientists say that it’s probably not a gas planet and is more like our Earth where it has rock and water. They also say that it’s most likely around the same temperature as Earth. Since it’s such a perfect candidate for life could this be where the UFOs and aliens are coming from? It is possible but since it’s so very far away it would be a hard for them to get here without very superior technology that we couldn’t comprehend.


Image Credit: Alien UFO Research


Since NASA launched Kepler scientists around the world have found almost 200 planets that could support life.


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