Nimbus Rising

NIMBUS RISING ©Preston Cash, including Cloudcrafters© photo

            NIMBUS RISING is a revealing photo that shows a row of parent clouds or mother ships.  The mother cloud on the right appears to be laying a clutch of egg-shaped clouds.  I believe these are cloud-cloaked cocoons, fully puffed out.  The cocoons often cluster together as two or three or more.  These are the objects that NASA can’t seem to identify when seen from space shuttle portholes.  They have tried to explain these away as space junk, shuttle garbage, and more.  They may actually be cloaked cocoons with cloud crafters underneath.  If this is the case, then it would seem to indicate that cloud craft don’t need air to breathe, or else they may be able to produce their own. Meteorologists call these anvil-shaped billows nimbus clouds.


The fat, fluffy, cotton ball shaped clouds are generally called cumulus.  Both types are further defined by their height from the ground.  For instance, the high flyers are called altocumulus, because alto in Spanish means “high”.  They can bring rain or snow.  The nimbi are usually associated with heavy weather, but both types could be considered storm clouds, bringing all types of precipitation and winds. The two types are also produced by cloud craft, as are cirrus and stratus clouds, but they are not natural.

They are artificially formed in order to cloak the various cloud craft, cylinders, rods, disks, etc.  I sometimes refer to these as pseudo-nimbus or false-cumulus, etc.  If you should find yourself underneath one or the other, it is O.K. to leave your umbrella at home.  You won’t need one as these don’t have any rain and it’s not their job. Referring to the Nimbus Rising photo, the mother ships are all in a line, like a row of battleships, one beside the other. They have settled down for the night, as is common for cloud crafters of this type.  Their activity usually picks back up at dawn.  They are often very active at dawn or sunset, when they can be seen silhouetted against sunrises or sunsets.  It is in the early evening when they seem to be dancing or turning in a circle.

            If you happen to look up the meaning of nimbus in a good dictionary, the second meaning is quite astounding and other-worldly, because scholars used to know more about these things than they do at present. They knew more then because more was permitted in the Academy.  They prefer to dumb you down now because spirituality has been banned from the curriculum.  It is no longer permitted; it has been replaced by materialism. They are more likely these days to teach practical science and the idea of consumerism, the smoke and mirrors of the present day confusion and carnival-like atmosphere of purchasing and discarding. The Hindus call this the age of Kali yuga, a mischievous confusion created within the maya, or glitz and glitter of this present materialistic age.  Practicing Hindu students know all about gods riding in metallic chariots in the clouds.  These sky ships are called vimana in the Bagavad Gita.

 This holy book was passed down by Brahmans in the Sanskrit language.  This ancient language is still in use among Hindus today.  The Vedas, or sacred texts, speak of these flying ships containing watchers over the Earth.  It is now fashionable in the West to delete these things from history and teach about Marco Polo instead of flying machines with gray or blue-skinned occupants from “out there”. 

So the point is that false clouds can be white or gray, they can even make them black as coal. They can produce fake thunder and weak lightning, but no matter how long or large they get they don’t produce rain.  If they carry water at all they probably need it for the fog that they expel for camouflage or to lay clouds.  They are not real in a sense, yet they do photograph well.  Cloud craft do not produce rain because they have none, and rain is not their job! 

Text and Nimbus Rising photo are from an unpublished book UFO, Clouds of Mystery, © 2011 by Preston Cash.  Email: [email protected]

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