No Hellfire, No Brimstone, Only The Final Frontier

This illustration is not a demon in flight nor is it the vehicle which takes one to hell, it illustrates NASA’s on-going development of ion power.

This illustration is not a demon in flight nor is it the vehicle which takes one to hell, it illustrates NASA’s on-going development of ion power.

Yes, I know, NASA or its counterpart may have a “jump room” to Mars already, but for once, let’s look at the UFO/alien picture with a united focus rather than going off on an exotic tangent. Yes, I know, I have my own share of exotic theories.

Of course if you feel that all reality is a computer simulation (and you might be right), then even “the facts” are not facts. However, I’ll forge on:

Our Milky Way is a spiral galaxy with arms extending from the center like a pinwheel. Our solar system is in the Orion arm of the Milky Way. Our Sun is one of about 100 billion stars in the Milky Way. And our galaxy is just one of roughly 100 billion in the visible universe.

Oh, wait a minute, that was last year! Recently it was announced that our Sun is one of 200 billion stars in the Milky Way and our galaxy is just one of roughly 200 billion galaxies in the visible universe! Look up at the dark sky, not down into “hell!”

Back to ion power: Once this enormously powerful form of energy was used only to power science fiction space/time craft; even Star Trek’s Enterprise did not have ion power; they did encounter beings whose craft did have ion power, and the Enterprise folk were quickly over-powered.

In 2012, there’s a growing chorus to send astronauts to Mars rather than the moon, but critics point out that such trips would be long and grueling, taking about six months to reach the Red Planet. But now, researchers are testing a powerful new ion engine that could one day shorten the journey to just 39 days.

Traditional rockets burn chemical fuel to produce thrust. Most of that fuel is used up in the initial push off the Earth’s surface, so the rockets tend to coast most of the time they’re in space. Ion engines, on the other hand, accelerate electrically charged atoms, or ions, through an electric field, thereby pushing the spacecraft in the opposite direction. They provide much less thrust at a given moment than do chemical rockets, which means they can’t break free of the Earth’s gravity on their own.

But once in space, they can give a continuous push for years, like a steady breeze at the back of a sailboat, accelerating gradually until they’re moving faster than chemical rockets.

What are the chances that beings on another planet (one of the billions of other planets), developed ion power a mere 500 years ago? At first, they would have gone to their neighboring planet, but as time goes on? Or how about aliens a mere 5,000 years ahead of us in technology? Even 5 million years ahead of humans in 2012 – this is a mere drop in the cosmic time bucket. Where do these aliens fly to now? “When” do these aliens fly to now?

Even now, we Terrans are finding many more (not less!) planets circling other stars than we had possibly imagined. For more information on the astounding new worlds being discovered now, go to this website.

If you think all creation is one big lie by our government or some nefarious cartel from hell, go outside tonight and look up at the stars. It is simple. And you will see the truth.

As you stand gazing at the incredible, mind-boggling universe, did a demon grab your ankle or move into your head? Did your neighbor get taken to hell in a saucer?

I acknowledge that governments and shadow-whatevers, have gone badly wrong, I am not defending NASA or any institution on Earth. I am pleading, do not get drawn into the old superstitions of demons and hellfire.

Perhaps ancient astronauts gave up on humankind when we allowed ourselves to get thrust into the Dark Ages through the manipulations of The Church and other religious conspiracies.

Is this our second chance? Is 2012 the year that enlightened cosmic travelers either shake our hands or go home in disgust?

In a sense, I care less about what the aliens think about us than what we think of ourselves. Contemplating hellfire and demons – does it make us happy? Does it move us forward, even as individuals – and as a species? Fear, hatred, and contemplating the worst beings you can imagine – is this what we wish to create in ourselves and for ourselves?

And so when I entitled this article “The Final Frontier,” I am speaking of inner space as well as outer space.

Let’s look at a few possible answers to the UFO enigma from the view point of our own inner space:

Jacques Vallee is misrepresented if he is quoted as substantiating a hellfire and brimstone origin of UFOs and their occupants. Vallee offers the possible explanation that a strange and unknown aspect of human consciousness is responsible for some UFO activity, something along the line of Carl Jung’s theories on the mass subconscious.

Today, there is research into the apparent reality that human perception is a quantum field (also called a “morphic field”), which stretches into the cosmos, joining us with the consciousness which is out there. Our consciousness might not stop at the boundary of our skulls but be a part of the universe’s quantum field of consciousness! Vallee was ahead of his time, what a shame to use him to validate superstitious hellfire.

Vallee also wonders if humankind has always created beings such as fairies and paranormal beings. The heart and soul of Vallee’s research is that mass human consciousness creates these phenomena and he feels Carl Jung offered one of many plausible paths regarding UFOs. Jacques Vallee’s research has nothing to do with actual “beings from hell.”

Let’s stop to realize that “paranormal” is not another word for “hell.” “Paranormal” is not negative in itself. Humans are frightened of the paranormal because it is an unknown to our waking “daytime” minds.

To say some expert or “expert” thinks the UFO phenomenon is paranormal is to say, “Yes, there may be a component in some UFO cases which has to do with the quantum world, the fairy world, the world of thought-creation.”

“Paranormal” is not a synonym for “gone to hell.”

If human consciousness does have the ability to create life-forms, fortunately we seem likely to manifest fairies and aliens as a “group project” but demons seem more inclined to manifest in one individual’s perception.

Another possible explanation for aliens and UFOs which might also be counted as being from our own inner space (our inner space being the final frontier as well as outer space): Does Mother Earth dream? She is a living, breathing, highly intelligent life-form. In her subconscious creative state, she might manifest nature spirits, fairies, and the like – and aliens. So Gaia, the living spirit of Earth, might be another source of alien beings.

Has Mother Earth created hell? No, churches and religions have. Yes, if you fall into a volcano, you might compare it to hell; however, hell was created by the Church and similar greedy religious institutions to keep us sheep in line, filling the church money vaults and not daring to find our true universal nature and quest. “Hell” was created to stop us from finding the Final Frontier, both inner and outer – our final frontier of human inspiration and creation.

Hell was created to rob us of our power.

How in the world can UFOlogy play into religion’s grand lie? We stand today demanding UFO disclosure, intelligent action, lifting the veil to perceive our brethren of the universe. If some brethren are “bad” (as some humans are), then we will deal with that too. But to return to fire and brimstone is—utterly dismaying.

Let’s not end on this sad note.

One more possible theory on the source of some aliens: Humans seem to stand at the cusp of evolution, changing slowly (or suddenly?) into a new species. As this magnificent energy is “released” from one layer of the cosmic onion, into the next layer, perhaps new life-forms are being created. Perhaps they are the hopes and dreams of humanity, and they fly in incredible craft.

Yes, this may be a stretch, but why not stretch positively onward and upward instead of negatively downward and out, to a non-existent hell?

Enough on our inward final frontier, let’s finish with space and time:

Take a look at a book entitled “Cosmic Biology: Life on Other Worlds” by Louis Neal Irwin and Dirk Schulz-Makush

It states that living beings on Earth commonly use carbon for metabolic functions, use water as a solvent and DNA or RNA to define and control their biology, but it is possible that undiscovered life-forms could exist with radically different basic structures and biochemistry – even on Earth.

The possibility of extraterrestrial life being based on these alternative biochemistries is a common subject of science fiction but is now discussed realistically by scientists.

So, just look at those 200 billion stars in our galaxy and the percentage which have planets circling them. Can you feel the excitement, the expectation, can you feel our future as a species? Yes, we must know! The final frontier is infinite and it frees us from the shackles into which we have allowed ourselves to be placed by fear and superstition.

Star Trek’s silicon-based life, the Horta

Humans have flown our space craft to Titan, Saturn’s hazy moon. Titan has a huge tropical lake and marshes of liquid methane near its equator, suggest surprising new images from a NASA spacecraft. Methane can play the role which water plays in forming life.

Titan is the only moon in the solar system to host a significant atmosphere—a rolling haze of organic molecules, which some scientists think might include the ingredients for life as we know it!

An artist’s rendition of Titan

With surface temperatures hovering around -297 degrees Fahrenheit (-183 degrees Celsius), Titan is far too cold to have liquid water. Instead, the lakes are filled with liquid hydrocarbons, such as methane and ethane. We have discovered that methane rain formed a new lake on Titan recently, it is a living moon!

Cassini images show dark regions that appear to be pools of hydrocarbons around the moon’s equator. “We detect evidence for the presence of a tropical lake with an area of 2,400 square kilometers [927 square miles]—as large as the Great Salt Lake in Utah—with a depth of at least a meter [three feet],” said study leader Caitlin Griffith, a scientist at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

“Our work also suggests the existence of a handful of smaller and shallower ponds, similar to marshes on Earth, with knee- to ankle-level depths.” Scientists are calling lakes which are at Titan’s equator, not just her poles, as “oasis of methane.” The fact that Titan has lakes of methane at her equator, has stumped scientists. For whatever scientific specifics, this does not make sense. Oh, the wonderful cosmic mysteries which “do not make sense” on the surface!

Now, combine methane with silicon (the equivalent of carbon on Earth), and you’ve got an alien life form!

The fact is, life itself finds a way!

Illustration of an alien who is likely carbon and water based, just like us!

Certainly we are not the only planet in the universe with life. Certainly life forms 5,000 years ahead of us, have discovered ion power and perfected it – or whatever comes after ion power, perhaps a power source which warps space most efficiently.

For heaven’s sakes (no opposite pun intended), let’s move forward, not backward! The final frontier of inner and outer space awaits us! We are free! Let’s go get ‘em!

Go get Exo-Trekkiing, it’s free too! [email protected]

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