Paul Hellyer: Abolishing Fed and new energy disclosure key to U.S. survival

by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

In an exclusive ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of Defense and Deputy Prime Minister under Pierre Trudeau, stated that abolition or nationalization of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank and disclosure and public application of new energy technologies such as anti-gravity propulsion now held in sequestered projects in the black budget national security state are a key to survival of the United States as a prosperous society, and to humanity’s survival and to its charting a positive future.

When asked in his ExopoliticsTV interview about the impact of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank on the current public debt crisis the U.S. and by extension world nations are now facing, Mr. Hellyer declared that without abolition or nationalization of the Federal Reserve Bank and the institution of a proper publicly owned central bank, the United States stands little chance of long-term survival. 

Disclosure and public application of quantum access Tesla-based teleportation

Although the disclosure of now secret quantum access Tesla-based teleportation technologies that have been operational since the early 1970s in DARPA and CIA projects was not discussed in the interview, presumably Mr. Hellyer was referring to the public disclosure and application of sequestered advanced exotic technologies such as teleportation as well.  At least three independent whistleblowers from top secret U.S. government programs, including former U.S. serviceman Michael Relfe, former DARPA Project Pegasus participant Andrew D. Basiago, Esq., and former U.S. DoD scientist Arthur Neumann have now come forward to confirm that the U.S. government has had operational teleportation for 40 years.  Application of quantum access teleportation to the movement of people and goods around the planet would displace polluting systems now dominated by automobiles, trucks, buses, railroads and airplanes, and greatly improve land use urban land use, now dominated by highways and overpasses.  Mr. Basiago, who has publicly stated on Coast to Coast AM that he routinely visited a DARPA forward time base in the year 2045 to retrieve materials prepared by project participants in the future for use by U.S. government planners in 1971, reports that teleportation appears to be a pervasive transportation technology in the venue he visited in the southwestern U.S. in 2045.

Watch ExopoliticsTV interview with Paul Hellyer

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Mr. Hellyer is author of the book Light at the End of the Tunnel: A Survival Plan for the Human Species.  He is also a core founder of Victory for the World, a group of prominent individuals who has come together around the vision that “The privately-owned banking monopoly is strangling the world economy and with it the hopes and aspirations of billions of people.”

In 2005, Mr. Hellyer became one of the first major statesmen to come forward demanding disclosure and a proactive public policy toward extraterrestrial civilizations now visiting Earth and use of advanced ET-derived energy, transportation, health and other technologies for the public good.

Paul Hellyer: “The next world war [will] be between the banks and the people of the world

As set out in his ExopoliticsTV interview, Paul Hellyer sees the current world debt crisis in part as a direct product of the “money as debt” system of the fractional bank reserve system, and in part by private central banks, such as the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, who have hoodwinked the public and politicians (perhaps) into borrowing money that governments as the People can themselves create.

As part of his Victory for the World platform in the U.S., he urges U.S. citizens “Write to the President, your senators and congressman or woman demanding implementation of the following as a condition of continued or possible future political support:

Victory for the World platform – U.S.

“1. Immediately pass a law to prohibit all politicians, candidates for political office and political parties from accepting money from any financial institution as well as make it a criminal offense for any such institution, either directly or indirectly, to offer it.

(In this connection it may be necessary to ask the Supreme Court of the United States to reverse two decisions. A. The decision to recognize corporations as “persons.” Corporations have neither heart nor soul and are, by definition, not persons. B. Reverse the decision allowing corporations to spend unlimited sums on election advertising. As long as corporations, including those that have licenses to print money, can promote their own interests through election advertising, America will be cursed with “the best democracy money can buy.”)

“2. Rescind the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and establish a publicly-owned central bank of the United States.

“3. Meanwhile have the Treasury print sufficient greenbacks, or equivalent, to balance the federal budget, provide desperately needed relief to the states and municipalities, and stimulate the economy to the point where it is operating at its optimal capacity.

“4. Reduce the leverage of the privately-owned banks steadily from their current rates as high as 20 to 1 or more until they can be capped at 3 to 1. Enact strict new regulations as to the purposes for which banks may or may not extend loans.

“5. Accept the fact that global warming is at a critical stage and set a ten-year time target to change from a fossil fuel economy to a clean energy economy.

“6. Disclose to the public and the world all advances in the development of exotic energy sources that have taken place in the last 60 years since the U.S. began to back-engineer the technology of visitors from other planets. Any such technology, including any secret patents filed during this period, should be made available to the world at very modest royalties in order to facilitate a worldwide energy revolution.

“7. Ask the U.N. to declare 2012 the year of forgiveness and reconciliation – a new era of cooperation and (agape) love between races, tribes, religions, nations and regions.” 

A Global Fraud: The bankers and the Federal Reserve

While the current crop of world politicians strives to save the world financial system for the banking and financial interests, Paul Hellyer does not mince words.  In a speech earlier in 2011 to the International UFO Congress he stated, “The world financial system is a total fraud.  It is one gargantuan Ponzi scheme, no better than the one Bernie Madoff used to swindle his friends and neighbors, and thousands of times worse if you add up the total number of victims it has ripped off over countless generations.

“The principal difference between the two schemes is that Madoff was acting outside the law while the international banking cartel has persuaded generation after generation of monarchs, presidents and prime ministers to provide legislative protection for their larceny.

“The banks’ Ponzi scheme is alarmingly simple.  They lend the same money to several people or institutions at the same time and collect interest on it from each.  What the banks really lend, however, is their credit, and what they take back in compensation for that privilege is a debt that must be repaid with interest.

Disreputable history of banking and lending

“The number of times they lend the same money is called leverage.  The practice is as old as the hills but for our purposes we can start with the goldsmiths of Lombard Street in London, England, who accepted deposits for which they issued certificates redeemable on demand.  They paid their depositors a nominal interest rate on the understanding that they could lend the money to their customers at higher interest rates.  They soon found that they could lend more than they had in their vaults because only a few depositors came in to redeem their gold or silver at any one time.  It was a scam.  It was illegal.  Nevertheless they got away with it for a long while and the scam was legitimized when the Bank of England was chartered to help King William finance his war.  Rich people subscribed £1,200,000 in gold and silver, as capital, to found the bank, which then was lent to the government at 8 percent.  To show his appreciation the King allowed the bank to print £1,200,000 in banknotes and lend them at high interest rates. In effect, the bank was allowed to lend the same money twice – once to the government and once to the people.

“Over the years, due to the avarice of the banks and the complicity of the politicians, that ratio has increased dramatically.  In the early days of the 20th century, federal chartered U.S. banks were required to keep gold reserves of 25 percent.  That means they were allowed to lend the same money four times.  I remember when Canadian banks were required to maintain a cash reserve of 8 percent.  That means they were allowed to lend the same money 12½ times.

“Today, thanks to Milton Friedman’s irrational flip-flop from being a proponent of 100% cash reserves to the opposite extreme of zero reserves, and the adoption of his ideas by the major central banks of the world in 1974, multiples have increased dramatically – in some cases to as much as 20 to 1 or more.  Banks only keep enough cash to meet day-to-day demands for those few customers who go in and request it, and consequently the fraud is virtually total.  

“The system works this way.  Suppose that you want to borrow $35,000 to buy a new car.  You visit your friendly banker and ask for a loan. He or she will ask you for collateral – some stocks, bonds, a second mortgage on your house or cottage or, if you are unable to supply any of these, the co-signature of a well-to-do friend or relative. When the collateral requirement is satisfied you will be asked to sign a note for the principal amount with an agreed rate of interest.

“When the paperwork is complete, and the note signed, your banker will make an entry on the bank’s computer and, presto, a $35,000 credit will appear in your account that you can use to buy your car. The important point is that seconds earlier that money did not exist. It was created out of thin air – so to speak.

“The banking equation is a species of double-entry bookkeeping where your note becomes an asset on the bank’s books, and the new money that was deposited to your account is a liability. The profit for the bank comes from the difference between the low rate of interest, if any, you would be paid on your deposit if you didn’t spend the borrowed money immediately, and the much higher rate you would be obliged to pay on your note – the technical term is “the spread.”

“At some point, however, you have to pay off your note and any interest owing.  And not only you but also everyone else who has borrowed “money” from banks – including governments which, by the way, own the right to print money but that have irresponsibly handed the right over to an elite group of private bankers.  Anyone who defaults is in big trouble.  Individuals who default will have the assets they pledged as collateral seized by the bank.  A government that is in danger of defaulting, will be forced to borrow from the International Monetary Fund, which will then tell that government how to run its affairs including cutting back on services and selling off public assets to the international vulture capitalists.

“In reality, then, the banks have turned the world into one humongous pawn shop.  You hock your stocks, bonds, house, business, rich mother-in-law or country and the bank(s) will give you a loan based on the value of the collateral.

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