President’s ‘alien affair’ leaked in secret on new TV show

By Jon Kelly
UFO Examiner

Friday night’s Disclosure Show on revealed a secret message encrypted backwards in the soundtrack from President Kennedy’s final press conference. The three-hour President Kennedy’s Secret UFO Messages traced unconscious pathways of human speech through a mirror filter to detect signatures of UFO contact in the president’s ‘sleep talking’-like backwards statements. During the event, audio from a November 14, 1963 press conference was slowed down and played in reverse to reveal the covert remark ‘He had sex with an alien’ in President Kennedy’s statements regarding an ambassador to SouthEast Asia. Canadian Journalist Jon Kelly remarked how the information thematically tied the involuntary comments to scenarios described in alien abduction literature. He compared this evidence with the secret alien abduction-like messages of other political leaders, asking if it was possible that “President Kennedy is unconsciously recalling a narrative that describes a sexual encounter with an ET?”


Watch the video:

Archives of the broadcast are available online through and on President Kennedy’s Secret UFO Messages is a three-hour event featuring a toll-free number for audience members to call in and describe their own results. Tickets to show archives are $4.95 per event. The Disclosure Show is supported by the supporters of the Truth Movement. All proceeds go to support the Truth Movement.

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