SEVERAL LIFE FORMS ©Preston Cash, including “Son Sign” Cloudcrafters© photo

SEVERAL LIFE FORMS are currently navigating the skies above planet Earth.  Think of them as the various constituents of vegetable soup.  I’m currently studying some of them.  They do not all interact with each other.  I’ll focus on only those that are specific to the chem trails.  I classify them as off-planet-air-craft, or OPACS for short.  The craft that we are focusing on now are cloud crafters.  They make clouds for other cloud craft to hide in.  Though cloud craft are often seen uncloaked when emerging from the parent cloud, they quickly cloak as they leave the cloud. When cloaked, the cloud craft are shaped about like a paint roller cover.  They normally travel on their sides when leaving the cloud, but may link up in two or three sections or more.  They have trouble maintaining cover when traveling rapidly, and they are silent.


The cloud crafters are almost never seen uncloaked, except for the excellent rare uncloaked Russian photos appearing in UFO Digest in 2010 and later.  These were dark gray or brown craft that looked a bit like large torpedoes or slender submarines.  They were uncloaked and photographed from overhead aircraft.  They were possibly the most revealing photos of these craft of all time.  They were not supposed to be seen, probably.  Normally, they produce smoke or steam which they exude to completely cover the craft, giving them the appearance of fluffy white cigars. Since these tend to move very silently and slowly, humans and most other Earth life-forms lack the ability to notice their movements.    

  Another OPAC is long, narrow, and shaped like a porcupine quill.  These are called “rods”, and thousands of them may be seen at sunset, protruding from the tops of cumulus clouds like toothpicks stuck in the top of lemon meringue pies.  It is not clear yet if the “rods” can leave chem trails as the cloud crafters do.  The main purpose of the cloud crafters is to camouflage the sky.  It is their responsibility to buzz around the mother cloud or mother ship, painting vapor trails which quickly blossom out into nice fat columns of cloud.

  If indiscreet cylinders should appear, or a mother ship protrudes out of the cloud cover, cloud crafters must try desperately to quickly cover the exposed craft.  When providing cover outside the cloud, and carbonizing with dark cloud, they can cover a small area quickly.  This is the chem trail.  Small cylinders can also do this, but it looks so obvious that it is seldom done, except to cloak a small traveling cylinder or two inside chunky clouds.  These small, solo clouds often resemble marshmallows, sailing along in a clear, blue sky.

  There are two other types of chem trails.  One is related to “dyes and sprays”. The other is obsolete and faulty engines on domestic jets, leaving long streaks.  The old B47 bombers were famous polluters, but since they carried nuclear bombs, the idea that they left oil slicks was never much of an issue. This was long before the EPA, but chem trails have become a “big deal” now, so cloud crafters beware!  Most humans are too preoccupied with their boring, mundane lives to ever notice these things.  They are too narrow-minded to even consider the possibility that the skies are populated by a highly technological race of off-planet interlopers.  

 Text & Son Sign photo are from an unpublished book UFO, Clouds of Mystery, ©2011 by Preston Cash.  Email: [email protected]

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