Sky People, Ancient Astronauts Global Brain Matrix – The Internet Exopolitics

Be aware and forewarned that the Ascension Age  is coming December 21, 2012, time 11:11:01 with the new born babies of the new era. They will be whole brain thinkers and in their lifetime will change the world with more brain function an d super computers all over the world. 

Sky People, Ancient Astronauts Global Brain Matrix – The Internet Exopolitics
Theresa J. Thurmond Morris
Be forewarned that the colors of the Magick of the world has nothing to do with race, ethnicity, origins of humankind, of Kinds and Kings of the former ancient civilizations but rather those who were first chosen as the original MAGI who were chosen to serve the Gods of the Most High as the Sky People who from the Heavens came.
We who are the Keepers of the Flame for those above as the God and Goddesses of the eternal light are called to reclaim the truths of our forefathers who decided to enter the Halls of Wisdom in another place in another time. 
These Halls of Wisdom were ruled by those who are called upon to surrender their will to the higher power that we call that of the Father of Noah and all those who came before that which was the heritage of the religions of the world that include Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindis, and all other practiced religions of the world. Magick has nothing to do with any type of religions of the world although many will believe that there is some type of magic involved due to the ancient Magi of the ancient civilizations.
The Initial Wisdom of Those who from the Heavens Came was first viewed by the original Three (3) Magi as once again was seen in the story of the birth of the Christ Child with the repeat of the story in the history of the three Wise Men.
However, this original Parable Story was in a Vision and captures for its own purpose the convenience of Scripture which has been studied by some of the Greatest Masters of the Sangreal and He heard a voice saying and the Vision was Cast Down upon those who were of the sentient intelligent beings who were the wisest of the wise of humankind in the land of the ancient kings.
Those who were the three Original Magi of the Father´s of Noah are whom many still speak of today. One was who walked forward and was called Black, the Second was one who stepped sideways and was called the Yellow, and the Third was called White who stepped back. Each Magi was aware of the other two and the power of three and therefore the number 3 of this universe is always considered that of the Original Pi or three. Therefore, the original beginning of all creations of the energy that we began in MAGICK came from the original pyramid builders who came of the Knowledge to build as the Master Builders using. 3.141592635897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078 … The Schools that are of Levant, Athens, Byzantium Damascus, Jerusalem, Alexandria, Cairo was the formation of this first White(light energy) School that eventually lead us to the days of Augustus Caesar and that which followed. The Gnostics and the Asiatic God was that which was similar to the Ancient Occult Schools of Wisdom used in the formulation of what was later called Christianity and was the son and baby of what was once the great Magi who served King Solomon.
Zoroaster teaches us this therefore, “Nature teaches us, and the Oracles also affirm, that even the evil germs of Matter may alike become useful and good. Stay not on the precipice with the dross of Matter; for there is a place for thine Image in a realm ever splendid. OF thou existence the Fiery Mind to the work of piety, thou wilt preserve the flexible body.
Therefore, we have the three MAGI and Schools, which were to become the three favors of the Philosophical Followers who were that of the Black who mocked, that of the Yellow who walked sideways, and that of the White which walked backwards. The Three have all become known throughout time as the three MAGIS who brought gifts of three types for the Messiah and Babe to become the Christ of the new energy that would be taught upon the face of the earth and what would be called the greatest Master of them All from the Lineage of those who were from the Heavens. Pure Eternal Youth came and was brought as that from the heavens came in the purest form of wisdom and knowledge as a light being.
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TJ has been working the the Akashic Field and training psychics and Lightworkers with Shaman healing techniques since 1990 in Honolulu,Hawaii, USA. 
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There are scientists that are just now realizing that the Shamans were much more advanced in their understanding of how the world works with the study of nature and humankind with the inner and outer energies. 
We ourselves as individuals are all a part of the all as the Omniverse and as we progress and advance in the future as the global community, we all shall share and see how we will welcome the indigenous cultures that have been on the fringes of our urban ways in the larger nation states. 
We are now going to see how cities that are developing on their own without the typical government controlled nation states will grow into the future of earth’s more developed ways as they continue to meet the ever-changing cultures of this planet. We in the higher levels of thought in the higher realms of the Akashic Field who desire to meet in the ET Energy Plasma Field of Opportunity for our Imaginations will learn to welcome others who have not in the past been allowed into the mystic realms of thought. This is what we changed in 1990 with the opening of the Ancient Mystery Schools for the entire earth or Gaia, which welcomed the past ancient civilizations that were visited by our superior beings in space or what, was once called the Heavens. 
We are all in the occult metaphysical work and world called to make our presences known in the paranormal and ET/UFO communities. We share the truth that we believe to be ours from our own research and past experiences. We simply strive to share what we have learned from our experiences with those of other worlds and other ways of wisdom of the past, present, and soon to be future. We welcome all comments as a window into another’s own enlightened soul’s progression while here on earth. This is why we are changing the way we see our social networks on the Internet Highway such as Facebook, Twitter, and up and coming search engines with changes to accommodate all our information research. We are all becoming smarter and more intelligent every day on earth. 
We are learning to share our information with those who in the past were not allowed into our larger technologically advanced continents of the world. We are now about learning to share information with the indigenous outcasts of the global population. Color of skin is not a controlled DNA system at this time although may be in the future on this planet. 
The ET Akashic Plasma Field or the Divine in us ALL may have sounded like “NEW AGE” mumbo jumbo to you but it is my way of creating a bridge to a new chapter in the lives of others who will gain from the knowledge that some of you may already feel you ingested in the New Age Schools in books and seminars in the last century. 
Religion may seem as an impartial belief while actually is words in a language that are no different that words in a language considered in math and science. Nuclear physicists and astral physicists are presently close to the categories that will lead the Quantum physicists in a new generation of physicists of the global order denomination. 
Regarding how the world will fair on a monetary system for the whole total global population will also depend on Global Order Denomination. As the future disciplines on earth will prove, there has to be a new global order in communication that will require fair laws and rules and regulations for the total global population in order to be fair to all.
This universal knowledge has been made aware to most of the global leaders of earth in the past. It was never a question the total global population becoming aware of itself and coming together as a global population outcry for the truth about the world and the creators and it’s need for global understanding and cooperation but when! This is what the future offers all beings on earth with global communication for the whole earth. This is why the Internet system and the World Wide Web should remain free to the whole global population. 
Extraterrestrials all have one Global Order Denomination and it is not based on money, as we know measures of currency based on gold. GOD is about cooperation of the global population on earth based on the need to depend on each other for survival of each other as only one species of many in this one universe in the met universe. 
This is the real meaning of the extra terrestrial unidentified flying objects phenomena. Global cooperation. GOD is a way of being and existing on earth. Science and religion will have to take a back seat to the order of global population based on the knowledge that the communication technology has brought forth to all beings that acquire awareness. Humanoids are given a spinal cord, nervous system, and brain to house the chemical energy thought processes the spiritual being’s soul inside a physical body of sinew and flesh. Each separate spiritual essence of electrical energy is a part of a whole system called God or GOD which are acronyms used for the creator of all creations or the beginning prior to the Big Bang Theory. 
If these beings truly believe in a God, or GOD, then they should also recognize that their own spirit and soul is housed in a physical body that is electrically charged with energy that will someday leave the physical body on earth and return the source of creation. The individual humanoid thought processes chosen in the brain with reference to words of the past is written by individual humanoids whether thought to be chosen prophets of God or not is simply words of the past. They were written for the people that existed in the past. 
They simply words written in the history of civilizations that existed in the past. God meant for the creations to continue evolving on earth. God is the beginning and in the beginning was the word but, it did not stop nor will it. God and the word continues forward. The Bible and the Koran were written for people who existed at the time. The book called Revelation was thought to have been written by St. John at the time that he was exiled on earth from others of his humanoid kind. 
This one man was not considered any more or less than only one spirit, one soul and one writer as a prophet of God. St. John was not even considered a prophet in his own time on earth. Schrödinger´s Equation and Drake’s Equation are simply tools used on earth and these are simple equations compared to what will yet be discovered in the future after 2012. 
There is much to look forward too on earth that is spiritually based on the survival of faith, hope, charity, and love of humankind and the creator. Science and religion are words and disciplines of the past humanoids on earth. It is time to move on to the next levels of intelligence beings on earth. Spiritual Hierarchy: 
Sacred structure that represents holy lineage of Heaven. Consists of the Angelic Realms, the Deva Kingdom, the Ascended Masters, and the many Orders of the Elohim and the numerous Divine Councils of the Time Lords. Time Lords: Great Beings of Light whose orders are represented by many Divine Councils. In charge of Time, which, along with Light, is one of the two elements that compose Creation? 
The Ascension Process 
Akashic Records 
Life records of all souls that have spent lifetime in Physical Creation. Records document in great detail each event that occurred during all moments of every lifetime. 
Process whereby individual integrates physical body with spiritual (soul) and astral bodies, and which permits him to become fully conscious. 
Astral Body: 
Non-physical body. Also refers to means whereby soul is attached to physical body. Usually travels to lower realms of Astral Plane 
Astral Plane 
Higher physical dimensions) during sleep or dream states. 
Electromagnetic field that surrounds body and is given off by Life energies that vivify body. 
Life energy centers of body. 
Bodies of limited conscious beings contain seven major centers or chakras. In fully conscious beings, there are about thirteen such major life energy centers located in and above physical body. 
Full Consciousness: 
State of unlimited reality where physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are fully integrated. Denotes full use of now-untapped mental and spiritual capabilities: possession of light body and full range of psychic abilities, such as telepathy and telekinesis: capacity to instantly manifest what is physically desired: and full rapport with spiritual and other higher dimensions. Not as fully integrated with higher dimensions as Ascended Master. Another term for fully conscious Galactic Human. 
Galactic Human: 
Fully conscious human being. Also called physical Angel, with full recall of its Akashic records and true life purpose. 
Result of interactions with other sentient beings. Principal means whereby each lifetime is judged. Creates cycles that determine nature of one’s next lifetime. In the coming age, divine grace will break karmic cycle. 
Light Worker: 
Enlightened Earth dweller who works with Ascended Masters and Angelic Realms to bring message of Ascension and new Age of Light to general public. Can be either an enlightened 
Earth Soul 
(Star Seed) 
Earth soul (one who has been caught in karma cycle of many Earth lifetimes) or a star seed. 
Another name for one’s Light Body. Part of full consciousness, when spiritual, astral and physical bodies are integrated. Allows self to shrink to baseball size and to travel anywhere, instantly. 
Usually specific set of procedures done on regular basis, with defined purpose or goal. Prime example of sacred ritual is group’s or individual’s use of meditation or vision quest to achieve divine purpose, e.g., to heal Earth or to better self. And spirit. 
Soul or non-corporeal part of every living thing. Also refers to Beings of Light that assist in alleviating the daily struggles of human existence. That which returns back to the original soul or Over-soul – first soul of creation. 
Thought Form: 
Entity created by one’s own thought, or by the thought of another individual or group. Capable of affecting health or behavior of unsuspecting (or unprotected) person. 
We are all changing and will be feeling the future as we progress into the waves of change to occur as we travel in space during what the time lords have deemed as the point we call December 21, 2012. There are many who will become more advanced and will assist the global changes to welcome the future of the Supreme Counsel who governs those below known as the Galactic Federation of all galaxies in this universe of the metaverses in the Xenoverse which is all a part of the Omni. 
We all should be sharing the terms that have been here on earth for eons yet have been termed in various ways, words, works, and cultures as similar ways to understand our past and ancient civilizations. 
I believe that those who have begun the disclosure movement in Exopolitics for the release of information concerning all alien civilizations including those of the extraterrestrials who are a part of the space federation that some call the Galactic Federation of Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy are those who desire peace and awareness. 
The entire global future and earth’s population will require those in the theosophical, philosophical, ecological, environmental, governmental, and spiritual factions of this planet to all work together. 
The future in science and religions will come together as those of various cultural variations on the same theme of one planet. Global Order Denomination for the future of energy transformation is apparent. Those in charge of the present nation states will see that the global population will increase while making cities such as Dubai without the use of nation states input. 
In order for our extraterrestrial community to grow in understanding of our supreme beings visitations, we shall require an increase in awareness and of compassion and empathy for all beings that are coming to earth in the humanoid forms. 
We are about sharing the technology in smaller increments with those who possess the more intelligent spiritual understanding of the inner and outer beings who we presently send to earth. 
Exopolitics is a word that has come into play for those who desire to change the opposing and suppressed past political decisions made by those in the political parties of the most powerful countries in the past on earth. 
We presented the United States with the first presentation of a complete spacecraft not of earth origin. The second was to Africa and the third to Australia. The fourth to Russia and the fifth to Great Britain. We shall concern these five (5) countries with the future implementations of technology who shall acquire a working relationship with all other countries and present nation states. 
Those who desire to learn from history shall learn about all that exist of the ancient civilizations and the proof that earth has always been visited by supreme beings but in the past was kept secret until the entire planet’s species could present themselves as one united front to those above. And this is the way it is decided at present as one entire global population to be regarded as same. TJ » 
There are a wide variety of websites and information bloggers who share their own point of view on the Internet. This is a field of xeno or unknown politics that deal in black operations or the cutting edge of what is decided to be secrets of the various governments around the world. There are exopolitic mediators who are advocates of all contactees and abductees.
Exopolitics include a wide variety of pro-disclosure topics for those interested in ancient astronauts, extraterrestrials, aliens, unidentified flying objects, contactees,abductees, conspiracy theorists, government secrets and the UFOlogists, and interested truth seekers.
Submitted by Frank Abreu on Mon, 08/30/2010 – 14:34. 
I liked your article, now Im a fan! 🙂 Apparently I should have read your article before commenting on what you said about mine! You do understand where Im coming from. I have noticed that, and I mean this in the most humble way, that Im becoming smarter? I use the question mark because I have no evidence of this other than the last I.Q. test I took about a month ago I scored 147 on and I know the last time I took one of those tests I only scored 121. So if you call that evidence than so be it. But on the inside I feel like Im in flux. Very hard to explain it in words for me. I feel like Im a sponge now absorbing the maximum amount of info that I can possibly hold and what I cant hold on to is dripping everywhere! But I love it! Frank
I am 48 years old and like alot of people trying to pay the bills. I got into the paranormal and UFO’s seriously about 5 years ago when I noticed one in my digital photographs. I then started getting them more frequently so I was hooked. 

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