So Much To Learn

Leaning back against the smooth boulder I am surprised at how comfortable it is.  I never thought hard rock could feel soft.  I notice a warmth radiating from it that nicely overcomes the chill of the early evening.

As I close my eyes and breathe in the sweet air of the mountains I hear the faint sounds of nature.  Wind whispers as it blows through the nearby evergreens.  Aspen leaves rustle.  Somewhere far below water chuckles as it flows along.

Slowly opening my eyes I behold the grandeur of God’s creation.  Majestic snow capped mountains rising up into a sunset-colored sky of brilliant oranges and reds.  Dark green forests flanking the lower slopes and filling the canyon depths.

As the sunset quickly makes room for the evening sky and the first star appears I close my eyes and meditate on all that God has done.  I recall the perfection of the wondrous works.

After awhile a voice whispers, “Look!  Look at what else God has done.”

I open my eyes to a vast panorama of stars.  They are so bright and clear I feel as if I could reach out and touch them.  They twinkle and fluctuate with colors.

Selectively focusing I stretch my vision far into the night sky.  I see things that are incredible distances away, yet I realize I am only seeing the physical edge of forever.

There is so much about which I know so little. The learning has only just begun.

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