Solar Panels, Food Stores and Community Networking for 2012

21st UFO Conference – Arizona

February 23, 2012 – Thursday

The morning started with Yvonne Smith who hosts a small gathering for ‘experiencers’ to tell their story and interact with each other.  Yvonne Smith is a certified hypnotherapist, author and lecturer and has helped many new experiencers to come to terms with what happened to them. Morning sessions are held in private and cannot be attended by reporters or any media…unless of course someone were to go in there as an experiencer themselves.

At 9:00 – 10:15 was a presentation by Peter Robbins recollecting his fondness for Budd Hopkins.

Read Johanne Robichaud’s first report:

They met in 1976 and both men held interests in painting, UFOs and the abductions happening across the globe. Their common interests helped forge a 35 year year friendship and work relationship. Budd Hopkins later wrote the book, “Missing Time”. Robbins began serving as a researcher and helper  working in everyway he could with the Ufologist on hundreds of UFO cases.  Peter reflects on the life of Budd Hopkins as a painter, humorist, foundation director 

Abductee Travis Walton and Johanne Robichaud at UFO Conference 2012

Travis Walton – Fire in the Sky Revisited – For the first time ever, John Goulette, one of the witnesses to the Travis’ incredible abduction experience, spoke alongside of Travis Walton. He sported a black outfit with a black cowboy hat and was well tanned.  He claims that in 1975, while working as a logger in Arizona he and 6 other men, of which Travis was one of them, saw a UFO in the forest.  The UFO shot a beam of light which hit Travis and the men scattered out of fear.  The men fled the scene and when they returned to see where Travis was or if he was on the ground, saw that Walton was no where to be seen.  Travis Walton recalls waking up on the side of the road; he thought that only a few hours had past, but he had actually been missing for five days! He later recalled being hit by the beam of light and was brought aboard a craft where strange creatures were around him.  This panel was of John Goulette, Travis Walton and a man named Steve. Steve said “The light from the ship was beautiful and that for those moments in the woods I felt like maybe the world was coming to an end.”

Panel on the significance of the Year 2012 and the Mayan Calendar predictions
    Colin Andrews, Antonia Huneeus and David Sereda

The loggers were under investigation for the possible murder of Travis Walton while he was missing.

A personal interview will be coming at the end of the week, while I delve deeper into what really happened to Travis in his missing 5 days.


Uncovering the Truth Behind 2012 – featuring Colin Andrews, Antonio Huneeus and David Sereda

The audience gathered with great enthusiasm for this particular lecture because of the implications associated with the year 2012.  Since we are now at the 2012 mark on the Mayan calendar, people are anxious, worried and generally on the edge of their seats to hear what these men have to say about

the significance of the year 2012.

Colin Andrews, a man with a gentle British accent spoke first. He said that the Year 2012 is a year of change on a global scale. The Mayan Calendar predictions were more about a “reset of humanity’s consciousness.” Colin Andrew’s wrote the Complete Idiots Guide to 2012.  “I come a scientific background so you can imagine what I thought when I was approach to write “The Idiot’s Guide on 2012”  “Many people believe that the Mayan calendar cannot be wrong and are very apocalyptic about this year. What I did find is that when you put the Mayan’s date of December 12, 2012, into the computers; the alignment of the planets of Venus, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Uranus, and the moon form a perfect arc in the sky. The end of the arc points to Polaris and the winged horse astrological sign from the viewpoint of Guatemala! Human consciousness on our planet is reacting to response of astrological changes. Global warming, political stress, growing social tension between politics and religion are all signs the we are going into a “decoupling” and an end cycle.  We need to end this cycle to begin a new one. Our children will be seeing a new world.”

The second panelist, Mr Antonio Huneeus has covered UFO phenomena for over 30 years. He appears to be a no-nonsense, conservative, by the facts type of person.  Almost coming across as a non-believer we see him play the “devil’s advocate” in most of the questions posed today.  Mr. Huneeus states, “We can learn a lot from past history of the Mayans themselves who have had the collapse of their civilizations, not once but twice.”  To my amazement he said that there is no Mayan books warning us about 2012.  All the books of that period were burnt in 1562 and only 3 books remain which are mainly about mathematics and do not mention 2012. The Mayans had been waiting for the return of their King K’inich Janaab Pakal. It was professed that he would return on a certain time and date and with a certain appearance.  Of course this prophecy was fulfilled with someone who claimed to be the returned King.  History can repeat itself where we want to believe so badly that we will take someone as the returned King or savior.  So let this be a warning of caution”.

Mr. Huneeus went on to say that, “I think the Mayan elders would say the end of the world is like the end of their world at 900AD.  Their civilization collapses political and everyone moves out of these cities leaving them abandoned and thus overgrown with forest.  A new Mayan civilization happened after 900 AD but of course there was the second collapse of this civilization with the Spanish coming invaded Honduras and Guatemala.”

The doom and gloom is sensationalized because it’s easy for people to understand fear.  Fear sells.

There are many hoaxes on the UTUBE these days making it hard for the real stories to be made out.

The third panelist was Mr. David Sereda who is an avid mediator and said that he likes to mediate for long periods at a time with his daughter present.  I guess you can make it a family thing but I know most kids just won’t stay still long enough. At any rate, David stated that if a great number of people mediate about reducing crime in their cities; it can happen.  The collective consciousness of all these people mediating towards the same goals can actually bring about change. David produced a film called, “Quantum Communications” and had submitted it to the Oprah Winfrey channel expecting it to be welcomed with open arms, only to find a big NO.  “They are not yet ready to accept these types of films.  It must be about the human condition but with a fear factor involved.  They are not ready to take that leap that human consciousness is powerful and can invoke change.”

When asked at question and answer period by an innocent, fresh young man, “I want to know what is the worst case scenario for 2012 and what the best case scenario is for 2012 and how can I as an individual work for the best case scenario?”.  David Sereda replied, “Family and community will be extremely important to save yourself.  Don’t expect the Government to have a plan which includes you.  Get solar panels, food stores, move away from all shorelines and network with others.”


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