Spirit Calls


Often, early in the morning, I know from the moment I awaken that I need to travel to some physical place and make a connection there. I refer to these as spirit calls. It’s as if I’m being summoned. It’s not that I am bound by some force to go, but I have learned that when I respond the result is often an incredible experience.

Sometimes I know the precise spot I need to visit, yet other times I only have a general direction or location to begin with. Sort of like, “Head up Highway 4 for a-ways.” It’s kind of travelling by feelings.

These calls all have one thing in common, and that’s surprise. I never know what to expect in advance. I work with the unknown a lot but this is like the “unknown” unknown. I always look forward to these times.

I have done contemplations while sitting on a boulder in the middle of a river, been lifted out of my body and carried aloft by the wind, made contact with a creek full of unhappy water (that was a strange one), and connected with a Golden Eagle that had a fear of height. I also once stood alone in a stark snow field while listening to the wail of distressed spirits caught in a downward spiral. Now that was a tough one. The combined sound of all of those despairing souls grieved me deeply.

There have been lots of these adventures, some of which I have written about here. I’ll try and share others in future articles.

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