Strange Facts Concerning Mainstream Media and UFO reporting

By Roger Marsh,
UFO Examiner

Fact: More than 60 people in the Kansas City, MO, area have come forward and reported a low flying, triangle-shaped object moved low and silently – sometimes hovering – over the area October 3 and 4, 2011. Witness testimony continues to pour into the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database as MUFON – the largest UFO study group in the U.S. – promptly reacted October 5 and pushed the elite STAR Team investigation unit into action. One photograph, one sketch and a single video have been collected as of October 6 – although investigators expect much more over the next several days.

We somehow worked Robert Downey Jr.’s name into this story – so here is a photo from his appearance in the film, “Less Than Zero.”

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Sad Fact: The story broke October 4 and not a single Kansas City mainstream media outlet – newspaper, radio or television – have picked up on the story. Forget about Anderson Cooper – the CNN newsroom may not cover it until the object moves east to Washington D.C., lands on the White House lawn, and alien entities are actually arrested as they attempt to enter the presidential mansion for a bathroom break.

I imagine the Fox News teaser will be: “Alien leak prompts White House arrests.”

Now while no one has stated – certainly not MUFON – that anything alien – “not of this planet” – has hovered over one of the largest American cities – the simple fact that more than 60 people saw a flying object that they cannot identify is news in and of itself.

MUFON is not – and has never been – a “tin foil hat” group – where members believe the alien invasion is imminent. That’s a Hollywood invention used to sell movie tickets and buttered popcorn. Well, we’re not counting those two guys in New Jersey. Instead MUFON is mostly a rather well educated group formed because everyone understands “something” is being observed and everyone wants to professionally find out what that “something” is.

The current and ongoing Kansas City investigation may well turn out to be a military operation – so we should clear that up immediately. But we all realize the U.S. military informs the public – well in advance – of every move they’re making in our skies. No? Then you may also understand how tough it is to get information – real facts – out of the U.S. military. Remember, they’re the only game in town. Someone should open up a military operation across the street from the Pentagon and be really secret about what they’re doing and see how they like it.

Oh wait – that might be illegal.

The hovering object might also be some experimental craft that the U.S. government is testing – so certainly, it would be something our more than 60 witnesses have never seen before. Right? Well, let’s just call up the military and find out if they were testing one of those secret experimental crafts over Kansas City on October 3 and 4. Wait – that’s the same U.S. military that’s hard to get information out of – and more so when you use words like “secret” or “experimental.”

The NSA is scanning my computer as I type.

Someone should open up a secret experimental flying craft shop right across the street from Area 51 – and see how they like it.

Oh wait – that might be illegal.

And don’t make me mention the “H” word. MUFON hates the “H” word. I hate the “H” word. Even those two guys in New Jersey hate the “H” word. I may open up an “H” word business right across the street from – ah – well, whoever has too much recreational time on their hands and decides to hoax a UFO. Okay – I said it. No one likes a hoax. Get a life. Write a screenplay. Take up knitting. Call a psychic hotline. You can have more fun shutting off the electric one night to a convalescent home – stealing wheelchairs – or hey, why not just get your jollies by parking in handicap parking spots? Could be really fun watching all those clean Buick Park Avenues circling the block. Make a YouTube video – it’ll go viral and you’ll have your own MTV show by Wednesday.

Now it is also possible – with this story – that MUFON will rule out manmade objects – well, known manmade objects the U.S. military is telling us about. Someone should invent something and not tell anyone and see how pissed the military gets. And MUFON may also rule out ole Mother Nature having fun – you know – swamp gas, ball lightning, Paris Hilton and “Dancing With the Stars” news bulletins.

And honestly – the best MUFON will do – if they rule out everything “manmade they’re telling us about,” the “Mother Nature things we only know about” and anything to do with those “H” word folks – the case will be ruled an “unknown.” This simply means that something happened – witnessed by some pretty good people – that cannot be explained.

Getting into the “unexplained” business is apparently tough for mainstream media who brings to our living rooms daily reports of battles and mayhem of every variety because lawsuits and explosions are really easy to track. If Anderson Cooper can’t calmly explain it – the news is not reported – even if he would get to wear some pretty neat sweaters and hats with the MUFON insignia on it; and get to be an honorary STAR Team member. Come on, Anderson – some pretty cool stuff. Well, check out the MUFON online store and get back to us on that.

Mainstream media is ignoring serious people like longtime researcher Robert Hastings who continues to bring us the latest coverage on how UFOs have been sighted and have affected the U.S. nuclear weapons program – something that has been happening in this country for – well – as long as we’ve had a nuclear weapons program. And he has well documented case facts with actual witnesses – no, not the guy who cleaned toilets in Sector 7, but like now-retired military nuclear base commanders. The UFOs – whatever they are – have actually shut down our nukes – and it’s not being reported in the mainstream world.

And the list could go on – Leslie Kean – bestselling NY Times author – don’t make me describe this woman’s work – Google it.

But who really believes retired nuclear base commanders anyway? Come on. Has anyone ever really lived next door to a nuclear base commander? Really. And if they exist, they probably absorbed all that nuclear stuff – they’re retired – out of a job – have funny names – and are almost dead. Who cares? And if we simply keep reporting on things like Robert Downey Jr.’s come-back after six months in rehab – well, eventually the guy will be dead – the base commander, not Downey – well, – maybe both – and we can pretend it did not happen – and go back to keeping the American public up-to-date on battles and mayhem and my favorite – those crazy things reallity show people do.

And while I like the idea of retired nuclear base commanders coming forward – and Downey’s films – the actual and real news is somehow second-tiered in this country, ignored – while we all get the latest news that is much more easily explained and can be tracked with explosions, body bags, and rehab doctor expose’s. Sorry, Mr. Downey.

Whatever the Kansas City sightings turn out to be – the good folks at MUFON can be thanked for sticking their necks out on a story that required coverage – and needed to be resolved – whichever way the story falls. More than 60 people from the greater Kansas City area should not be ignored.

But I have to go – my phone is ringing. No, it’s not the NSA. It’s Robert Downey, Jr’s publicist. Crap.

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