Strange Light Mystery Solved

I think we have enough real encounters so we have no reason to have a mystery where none need be.

I can tell you about the light the family in MO saw as our family also saw that kind of light. We gathered to shoot off our fireworks on July 3rd and after most fireworks were done, we all saw a bright light move across the sky and it also had a large glow around it. It then seemed to fade and then go out. We all talked about what it could be and of course a UFO was suggested.

It seemed to be very high and we just couldn’t imagine what it could be to behave in such a strange manner. The next night, July 4th, we again gathered to watch the fireworks show a neighbor puts on every year. He spends several thousand dollars so we all look forward to it. He had sent up a lot of beautiful rockets and then shot up one that looked just like the light we had watched the night before.

It’s called a Magic Lantern but I think Scary UFO would have been a better name for it. It too had the bright center light with the glow around it. It seemed to be very high,too, but we had seen it go up and it was no higher than the other rockets, it just appeared different. When it began to fade out we knew we were watching the same thing as the night before. We had a good laugh at our own expense.

We do see odd lights around here at night quite often so it was not surprising that it seemed like a UFO. Fireworks are sold across the line in Missouri quite a bit earlier than they are allowed in Kansas so the date would not be a factor. I believe in some counties they sell them year around. So, now we know what out light and their light was. I’ll be with the same group of people tomorrow night for a birthday party and can’t wait to let them know we were not the only ones fooled.

I actually did have an up close encounter with a UFO as a kid on a country road with my mother and hope to never again have such a thing happen again. I’m glad to clear up the story as printed. Blessings

Gayla Templeton,

Topeka, KS


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