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I’ve noticed that many readers of this website have valid questions concerning the true nature of paranormal events. Sometimes it seems we have no answers. (I know how much one suffers after experiencing mysterious paranormal encounters because there is no one out there who might be able to provide the answers.) Especially UFOs remain a mystery. Yet, I’ve found by digging through some of the available literature, throughout the past several decades we as a culture have had several capable researchers and investigators who contributed new ideas and concepts to the general public paranormal knowledge pool. Among them are Michael Talbot in his book “The Holographic Universe” and researchers who have given us information about the United States Remote Viewing Program…these, among many others who are in the scientific field and those who are in touch with the spiritual side of life. I would like to thank them now for their profound insight and courage.
After struggling with no answers for many years and comparing the detailed knowledge of my encounters with what was known at the time (late 1990s), I wrote my second book To Earth From Heaven. I wrote it in the spirit of an investigative quest, not knowing what the conclusion might be. The following is an excerpt from Chapter 13, “The Holographic Universe:”  
Chapter 13 – The Holographic Universe
How is it that paranormal events can actually happen? They seem to defy science. And we are told, especially by some modern day scientists, that science is the only true measure of reality. It even seems that many scientists believe paranormal events are figments of our imaginations. Yet, those of us who experience profound paranormal encounters know they’re not in the least what we commonly term imagination. Many UFO encounters have multiple witnesses and images of UFOs have been captured on hundreds of photographs, movie film and video tape.
The multiple witnesses and visual recordings suggest that UFOs, although rarely seen, are a substantial part of our reality. And further, as suggested in the previous chapters, when contemplating the meaning of UFO experiences, one cannot escape the possibility that ordinary life is not limited to what it seems to be, especially under the authoritative realm of current scientific reality. Also, when comparing UFO encounters with spiritual phenomenon, psychic phenomenon and other paranormal phenomenon, there seems to be a connection. Ghosts appearing in a mysterious translucent plasma, for instance, is very similar to the craft I witnessed appearing from a mysterious clear distorted atmosphere, a light haze, a blue or gray haze or fog, or a dense churning cloud or fog. And the appearance of angels seems similar to the appearance of ETs in some cases. Even some of the messages people receive from various paranormal entities, including ETs, are similar.
All of this has led some paranormal experiencers, spiritual investigators, and UFO investigators to conclude that the various types of entities might manifest from a common source. This source seems to be from a world beyond our own. However, concepts like the holographic universe hypothesis suggest our world is not in the least separated from this immensely complex intelligent world we normally don’t see with our naked eyes. The holographic universe concept indicates our so-called physical world is nothing more than a small integral part of an eternal, infinite world we don’t yet understand.
Several modern authors, such as Michael Talbot in his book, “The Holographic Universe,” present intriguing arguments about how we are all united in a realm of nonlocality.  Talbot proposes that we see mere images of things that might be immediately before us, but there’s a good possibility some or all of these things are no more near us than they are an infinite distance away. And the reality of what we see is most probably only the tip or ghostly image of its true total reality.
Another way to put it is this: Time and space do not exist as we understand them. Therefore, what we see and experience in the realm of time and space does not exist totally in the form we perceive with our physical senses. It seems it is much, much more.
While the holographic reality hypothesis is difficult for some of us to understand, it can be demonstrated somewhat simply in a laboratory when the light of a laser is spit into two beams. As Talbot illustrates in his book, the light is bounced off of an object, such as an apple. The image of the apple is then reflected off of mirrors, one passing through a defusing lens and the other to a film. As the light of the two beams intersect on the single film, a concentric ring, wave interference pattern is recorded on the film, like the pattern of the several circular waves on the surface of a lake after several pebbles are thrown into the water. The visual image of the apple is not recorded on the film, only the wave interference pattern is recorded. Then, after the film is developed, the laser can be projected through the complex wave patterns on the film and a three dimensional image of the apple appears in mid air, well beyond the other side of the film. What’s astounding is that the light can be passed through any part of the film, small or large, and the apple image appears on the other side in mid air.
This illustrates, in two ways, the concept of nonlocality. The wave pattern code of the apple is present in all places on the film and the three dimensional visual image of the apple is in mid air, suggesting the original apple, at least visually, is located in two distinct places. The three dimensional apple image appears at different places in mid air depending on where the light of the laser is directed on the film. However, it normally takes some kind of medium such as smoke filled air (or plasma, or haze, or fog) in order to gain a clear image.
What makes this holographic projection more difficult to understand is that we think we know matter is nothing more than pure energy in the form of subatomic waves and particles. This suggests that our perception of the original apple, itself, is nothing more than a three dimensional visual image of energy, the true total nature of which we don’t see or understand.
Michael Talbot asks the question: As far as we are concerned, which image is real, the direct visual image of the original apple energy, the wave pattern representing the apple on the film, or the image of the apple suspended in mid air? Considering the fact that our personal reality is based on what we perceive, one could consider any one of these, or all of them the real apple.
Because we think we know matter is at least pure energy, this all suggests that physical phenomenon of all types, even beyond the visual, might be mere experiential images of a more complex reality. We possibly see and feel other things in our normal lives that are mere visual and experiential images of the mother things that might be located in another place, possibly beyond time and space. It’s important to note that even physical things with hardness might be mere images; it’s only our physical senses that lead us to believe a solid object is hard matter rather than a simple manifestation of pure energy. Because of the plasma seen before, during and after ghost appearances and because of the distorted atmosphere, haze and fog that I saw during my experiences, it is possible that what appear to be solid paranormal beings and craft are mere projections of living entities that reside in another place, possibly great distances away in space, or in time, or beyond time and space. Yet, the holographic universe concept doesn’t necessarily tell us who is projecting the image into our time and location. On the other hand, it seems, techniques like remote viewing, where one allegedly can function out of his or her body, possibly can be used as a means to identify the intelligent source of any paranormal manifestation.

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