The Dark Twin of Earth


Robert Pepino had sent this to me, asking what is this. I knew it was not the moon as I did happen to be outside looking at the moon that night and the face was fully lit. It took a while but I finally convinced Nancy it was not the moon overhead at Neumayer Station, the German Antarctic Base. If Robert had not sent it to me, and if I had not persisted, this never would have gotten the attention it now has.

And what was NASA and the world going to do about another planet photographed in the skies close to earth?


Only two groups have EVER mentioned the Dark Twin of Earth. The Hopi call it the ‘Blue Katchina’ and the Zetas described it for the first time. No astronomer, science organization, or space organization has ever mentioned it. Even when it has been captured on film, NOT A PEEP from NASA or the government. Liars, all of them. Has it been filmed before? Yes, for years since 2003. By ordinary citizens. Would the world take note? NO. Now the German government has taken an unmistakable photo of it. Has the world taken note? NO. Send this to your media organizations. Make astronomers explain this. Make the government explain this.

More photos.

The subjects of Extraterrestrials and Planet X and Poleshift are inextricably entwined. The coverup of one cannot be broken without the coverup of all three being broken. Do you want the truth? What have YOU done to help bring it out?

Yet here it is, a planet the same size as earth, normally unseen on the far side of the sun, a black-blue planet with no life, no atmosphere, and no water. The selfish human ETs, the Annunaki, on Planet X, aka Nibiru, have been banned from coming to earth to mine gold, but they are allowed to mine gold from the Dark Twin of Earth.

Wake up world. Everything the Zetas have said is true!

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