The Extraterrestrial Truth

A new book called: ‘The Extraterrestrial Truth” will reveal the hidden truth about our lives, that was intended to be kept secrete from us and never be revealed. It is not fictional and very real.

It is a sober, naked, truthful view of our human condition and the circumstances and relationship we have to what we call extraterrestrials. Why is it so critical? Because, this is the first time in history that there is no more frontier on livable land on Earth left for people to escape to.

We are all globally connected and except for a few remote useless islands, So what does this mean? It means we are very close to if not at some kind of critical mass. It means that something needs to happen dramatically or we will just start cannibalizing each other, in any way possible. This kind of critical mass is why we are experiencing so many UFO’s and other kinds of technology that is either setting us up to cope with this new world or do some serious thinning of the herd.

Although I will touch on the subjects, this book does not dwell on the typical things about what people see of extraterrestrials, like UFO’s and their reported possible abductions. Those things aren’t even the tip of the iceberg of what we have to deal with and what is actually gong on.

They may come here or send their emissaries in physical form periodically to do something that needs to be done physically here, but more importantly we are all already abducted now and they are here and influencing all of us every day, but through invisible and psychological ways. This is really what we need to see, because is what actually affect us daily and is so profoundly shocking.

This book help you to see how and why these extraterrestrials influence and control us and what we can or can not do about it.

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