THE F.A. CASE (Merida, Badajoz) 25 DECEMBER 1976 – PART II

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Then the machine told me: “Earth people are still not ready to receive us. If we do, we would unleash a warlike reaction, prompting us to retaliate and kill many innocents. We are finding the way to access your planet peacefully. You will act as a messenger, transmitting what we have told you.”


F.A. would undergo a true ordeal as from 27 December. For several years, before being declared disabled, he would be subjected to multiple procedures whose outcome was no clear source for his illnesses, some of which have been brought about by the treatment given to remedy initial symptoms.

As a summary of the bulging medical file, we shall remark upon the anecdotal account of the “phantom” encephalogram.

This was an encephalogram performed upon him, displaying utterly abnormal readings, giving the impression that there was no activity in F.A.’s brain at all. This was impossible, as his signs were the exact opposite. We would like to believe that its disappearance had little more significance than some specialist taking [the scan] away as a curiosity or else to prepare a report for a medical journal. The witness went from being a normal adult with some vision problems and signs of non-insulin dependent diabetes to suffering several heart attacks, and a palindromic syndrome of unknown etiology, contaminated by an unknown virus that affected his defenses, migratory rheumatism that caused him serious pain, states of shock causing his vital signs to flat line before being restored to full normalcy within forty-eight and seventy-six hours, as well as aberrant organic abnormalities such as a 45-day-old intestinal obstruction, putrid-looking, with a weight of ten kilograms.

The place on his arm where he complained about the pressure of the alleged tentacle left him a bilabial mark shaped like two half-beans. Whenever they turned from pink to purple, F.A. would phone the doctors to advise them that he would require hospitalization within a couple of days. Inexorably, all of his vital signs would drop during that time period.

It is necessary to stress a detail of a case that draws significant parallels to other abduction cases. In a personal letter from one of the doctors at Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Socorro Hospital in Badajoz, the witness is told: “If you could assist us by telling us what really happened to you, perhaps we could assist you more effectively, given that others have had symptoms similar to your own.”


The two people who collected the object extracted from his foot turned out to be an American doctor and a gentleman in civilian clothing, who the witness later learned was a military man. Both ordered his transfer to Arganda for further study. To date, and despite numerous requests by the witness and the researchers, the etiology of the small object was never made available to them.

What mechanism or mechanism caused the presence of these two persons during the surgical removal of the object and its subsequent analysis? Perhaps it was due to the fact of having been determined as contaminated by radiation, or to the story the witness told in his nightmares.

The witness claims that he never told the story to any of the doctors. These, however, in one instance, advised him not to publicize the strangeness of his maladies, as doing so might affect his pension.

F.A. was declared incurable four years after the event. In spite of this, his ordeal through the hospitals went on until he died. Due to his refusal to be hypnotized, many of the details that he himself was unable to remember have gone with him to the grave.


Initial contact with the witness was completely negative. During the encounter, F.A. did his best to test the interviewer, who considered him a hypochondriac suffering from an array of illnesses which had not been correctly diagnosed. At no time was there any discussion of anything related to strange phenomena.

Several months went before a second interview was held, in a rather unusual manner due to the time and urgency.

The time was ten o’clock at night and the witness was in a state of severe physical deterioration, to the evident alarm of his wife and adopted son. F.A. asked not to be disturbed, shutting the living room door. He then gave the interviewer, without a word, a group of typewritten pages and a binder filled with medical documents, asking him to photocopy these and return them, and urging him to read the pages, which the interviewer did with equal measures of duty and amazement. In these pages, he found an unusual story whose summary has been stated herein.

Next, and with allowing any time for surprise, the witness said: “I’m available to you know. I’m not feeling well. Tomorrow I shall be hospitalized again. Use your tape recorder and ask me anything you deem convenient.”

Over the course of a lengthy conversation, F.A. related all the details of his extraordinary adventure. The interview can be read in my book Los Visitantes Desconocidos (The Unknown Visitors)

Source: Misterios del Hombre y del Universo

[Translation © 2014, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]



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