The Lonely Redwoods


Near the fog shrouded coast they stand. Huge and majestic, the Redwoods soar to great heights, their crowns often unseeable in the mist that hangs low in the sky.

Uncounted eons ago they agreed to come here. From their beautiful home world in a faraway galaxy they traveled to help this earth become a paradise.

Yet, like so many of us, they have been misunderstood and mistreated. Their once vast stands have fallen victim to the uncaring greed of shortsighted men.

Day and night, year after year, their great wisdom mostly untapped, they stand tall and wonder about the final outcome of it all. So much potential…mostly wasted. They are saddened by the probabilities.

And so, as the chill night wind blows through their branches, announcing the coming of yet another long winter, they silently dream of home. They wonder if the situation will ever improve here.

They sigh…and they wait.

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