The UFO Cover-up explained in just 10 minutes!



By Ian Brockwell 

The problem with UFO sightings has always been the inability of the witness to provide proof that would satisfy even the most skeptical. 

Unfortunately, the ability to fake images and videos is getting easier everyday, and even the most expert amongst us are finding it almost impossible to tell the difference. 

Personally, I think the older sightings and reports are more valuable (and reliable) than many of the more recent ones, which came at a time when faking films was much more difficult and people were less “contaminated” with all the sci-fi movies that are around (although these did exist in the past as well). 

Richard Dolan has created a video that attempts to explain the UFO cover-up in just 10 minutes, and when you watch this for yourself, I am sure you will agree that he does a great job of it (CLICK HERE to view the video). 

There is no dramatic music being played, or “never before seen” photos of UFO’s used in the video, just facts! 

In the video, Richard Dolan shows correspondence that was written more than fifty years ago, referring to UFO’s seen as “dishes” and “flying saucers”. What aircraft at that time could possibly be mistaken for a flying saucer? (If you exclude the craft that Hitler was supposedly working on before the end of World War II) 

When you have organizations like the CIA talking about UFO’s (in 1952) effectively as craft not of this planet, we must assume that these sightings were just as puzzling then, as they are now. 

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However, as the public’s interest in these sightings grew, so did the efforts in trying to cover-up the information, but rather than simply denying their existence, the authorities pretended to show some interest. 

As a result, Project Blue Book was created, with the intention of investigating reports. Unfortunately, this was nothing more than an attempt to throw people off the scent. The same can be said for the Condon Committee which was set up some years later. 

These tactics have continued over the years, although the British government seems to have given up the pretence and recently stopped taking any more UFO reports from the public. 

I think we will have to accept that until the aliens actually introduce themselves to us in person, we will not be able to convince everyone of their existence. And even if that does happen (and I’m sure it will soon), there are still going to be some people who will deny the proof and continue posting their old jokes on sites like I guess some things will never change?

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