The UFO ET Flap has People Going Overboard

More and more I am reading about people who are in direct contact with extraterrestrial races. Sorry but this is all BS. I do not care who you are or what you say. Most of these claims tell me there are numerous people out there a French fry short of a happy meal.

First of all, throughout history where we suspect Et is being mentioned. They always made contact with people of status who could not only get word out. But strong enough presence that people would listen to them. This is not the case now. I have heard NONE of these so called people who have been contacted. Give any viable message directly relating to all humanity in the here and now. Or relating to why ET is using them and not making a grand appearance. They have no use to single people out for contact. Unless, it is all about alien mind games. I seriously doubt that.

People want to believe. They need to believe. They need it so bad in fact they are willing to grab at anything that may be plausible. Example, the Iaasac drone, and the latest Israeli videos. Hoaxes with very little doubt. But the fights in the chat rooms are nuts. Over the debate. Treat everything as fake until it can be proven it is not. This is the only logical way to slow this obsession people are developing.

Why do we look towards the heavens for ET? This I feel is another mistake.

USOs are seen leaving the water often. If they can submerge. Why would they need too?

Unless they had under ground parking available. Or under water.

We know less about our own inner planet and oceans than we do about Mars. It is about time someone got their heads out of their butts.

We monitor space for signals. Do we hear them? We are pretty sure they are there.
Why do we not hear them? Because, perhaps the signals are not coming from space. Perhaps all the contact they make with each other is being made in and below the earth.
Something to think about.

What I am trying to get out here is simple. Slow down. Treat all sightings and contacts and stories as fake. Until proven they are not. Start focusing on other places to here ET transmissions. Not space. Anyone tells you they are in direct contact, can call down ET. Call their bluff. Have them do it in the middle of a very public place for the world to see.
If they can not, or refuse. Send them packing they are only after your money.

Enough is enough. All the money people are spending on books, videos and other garbage and that is what it is. This money would feed many needy children. This is where our focus should be anyway not on ET. One more example how immature and selfish human beings are.

Every spare dime we have should be going to help those in need. Loving and seeing to it no one goes without.

If I had my choice and thought ET may show up. This is the type of people I would want them to find on my planet. We cannot even show them we truly care about each other. What makes any of you think; we can make them think we care anything about them? Humans need a serious wake up call. Messed up is a nice way of putting our ignorance.

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