Three alien craft [believed] filmed February 1

Three alien craft [believed] filmed February 1 2k12,NW England,nr.Liverpool.

Dear ufodigest,

On the afternoon above I was out in footpaths N of my house,and about 3-15 pm I spotted a craft coming from east about 1 ml.,8-15,000 ft. alt.,50-80 mph.,and started to focus with old analogue Samsung 880max.digi.x.

I have only managed to film for a few Iwas blinded by sun,but still observed the craft heading snw 60 secs.later and as I thought at the time it had no wings or tailplane when VHS.When I upload the film shortly to you- tube or your selves shortly you will be able to blow-up film on computer and will I think show silent alien craft.Later at about 6-30 pm I filmed an orange ball going NNE PAST my front garden about 900 yards. to E,20 MPH.,and again mins. later.I’VE only last week put the film on VHS,and when I saw it I couldn’t believe what I’D recorded.

Many would say ”lanterns”.but I have seen so many and know the difference,and indeed have some amazing film I have captured which will be being aired in public shortly.Suffice to say the orange light went out on the second and you can hear me saying ”I’m sure they are alien craft”,and fortunately I carried on filming and after 45secs.or so a massive white thunderbolt shoots down from the craft lasting one sec.max

I can only describe the bolt as one you would see in a sci-fi comic since it goes wider and jagged as it reaches earth back in my direction.Truly amazing as you will see soon.

Thanks Robert Newton,


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  1. Jupiter or alien lightship,11-12jul.2012,11-55pm.onwards?
    This object looked like a dim small star,low down to N,but blows up to fill screen.Is multi coloured,and see on,youtube,my channel,Robert Newton,SDV_108.MP4,,or try,Robert [email protected],on Twitter,with 122 more vid’s.,uncensored,or Google.Robert Newton,19mls.W,of Manchester.

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