Triangular UFO Over Taganga (SantaMarta – Colombia)

 Today there was a report from Taganga (SantaMarta – Colombia). It shows a very familiar shape that seems to be showing up from all corners of the globe. This object is being seen time and time again and in as many photographs and videos. It seem that South America over the recent past has become a mecca of sorts for many great and strange sightings that have an eerie similarity. Is this coincidence or is there something more tangible going on over the southern hemisphere that needs to be investigated further? 



One can’t help but connect the ancient history and mystique of South America and the perplexing enigmas that seem to be a common place these days. Yet, here we are…. Another object in pictures that resembles many others. Is this proof of alien visitation, or could this be a craft that is a top secret man made aircraft? At this point it is not known if we have such a vehicle. We do have some known craft that have this shape, but nothing that looks like it has no discernible contours or definition, and not to mention this object must be very large. So the obvious question remains, what is this now often captured craft in pictures and video from around the world?
Herb Deary


Quote From Mufon Report # 25086

It was a normal day in Taganga (SantaMarta – Colombia)at the beach. I was taking some pictures of my friends and then i realized that there was a white shining around the sun, visible with UV filter lenses as i had on my sunglasses. So I decided to take some pictures of that using the inner ND filter of my Cannon G11. When i replayed the pics on the visor of the camera i thought i was seeing a damaged pixel con the screen, but i zoomed and i found this triangular shaped “something”. It’s clearly too high to be a plane and too triangular for any known aircraft.


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