Two Car-Size UFOs Fly Over Cheviot, Ohio

A Cheviot, OH, witness reports a silent, slow-moving, football-shaped UFO the “size of a car” passed overhead “about 150 feet above the house” just as it was getting dark on May 9, 2011, while a second, similar-shaped UFO appeared nearby, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.
The witness first noticed “piercing white and red lights shining brightly through the small windows at the top” of the front door. Looking out the door window, the witness “saw white and red lights all in a row and on a slant passing above the house.” She then ran through the home and looked out a back window.
The witness provided this image as reference art to the May 9, 2011, sighting. Credit: MUFON database
“It looked like it was moving really slowly, but it probably looked slower than it really was, from its altitude I might guess it was moving 40 mph, but I really can’t say for sure,” the witness stated. “I do know I had time to run from the front to the back of a small house (2 rooms) and had to wait about 30 seconds for it to appear above the house in the back. I called my cousin downstairs and she saw it too.”
The witness described the object.
“It was a football-like shaped UFO about the size of a car with a very thin lip around the edge that had the lights on it. There were one or two bright, white lights on each end and a bright red light in the middle. The white lights on the ends were thinner but longer, which is why I think there may have been two together on the ends. The red light in the middle was much larger, shorter but fatter, like doubled up. I couldn’t tell what color the object was, but I didn’t see any kind of shiny surface reflecting light.”
As the object moved silently and low over the witnesses’ home, a second object appeared.
“I would say it was about 150 feet above the house. It was far too close to be a plane or helicopter and there was absolutely no sound and no wind from it. It paused for about 30 to 60 seconds in the sky in a clearing between some trees over the street behind mine (which is lower, I can see over those rooftops), then it moved eastward behind the trees. Then a second UFO just like it suddenly appeared in the clearing where the first was seconds before, and it moved off to the south in a very similar fashion to the first one.”
Cheviot is a city in west-central Hamilton County, OH, population 9,015. No object images or videos were included with the report, but the witness did provide two reference images – Image # 1, and Image # 2. 
Numerous reports continue to come into the MUFON witness database of very low-flying UFOs this year.
Also on May 9, 2011, an Indiana witness reports a “black sphere” flying over at 500 to 800 feet in MUFON Case # 29043. 
“I was out doing some yard work in the back last night. While I was walking to the front of the yard I happened to look up about what I would say is about maybe 500 to 800 feet up was a black sphere flying by in a straight line going west bound,” the witness stated. “The weather condition was windy. I thought it might be bird at first, but it was close enough that naked eye could make out its shape. No wings – then I thought it was a balloon becasue of its shape, but balloons don’t fly in a straight line. I watched it for about 20 to 45 seconds before it disappeared into the horizon. It was very quick moving about the air.”
On May 8, 2011, a Chaplin, KY, witness watched a triangle UFO move overhead “150 yards off the ground” with a “nuclear greenish, orange light” at each corner while a second triangle object followed two minutes later with a “glowing neon, blue-ish spinning orb” at its center. We reported this as: Two Kentucky triangle UFOs reported flying under 500 feet.
Also on May 8, 2011, two rural Maine witnesses report observing two “other worldly” triangle-shaped UFOs that were 20-feet across as they moved 200 feet overhead. We reported this as: ‘Other worldly’ UFO moves 200 feet over rural Maine.
The above quotes were edited for clarity.
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