UFO Abductions Secret Cited In Vancouver Report

Georges St-Pierre’s secret UFO abduction messages in Vancouver report 

By Jon Kelly UFO Examiner

It was no coincidence that a UFO appeared in the background when current UFC Welterweight Champion of the World, Georges St-Pierre was talking on camera about acquiring insight into his life. A new video from MMACanadaTV shows a UFO shadowing the Canadian fighter during an interview taped in Montreal, like a lingering memory from his unresolved past. The mysterious object is seen hovering silently in the background while the man Sports Illustrated named their 2009 Fighter of the Year discussed how the film The Striking Truth revealed “a real insight into his personal life”. The UFO’s mysterious and unexpected appearance highlighted dimensions of Mr. St-Pierre that he himself admits are clouded by feelings of uncertainty. A new report from Vancouver suggests some answers to Mr. St-Pierre’s questions and this report is the subject of today’s new episode of SecretMessageTV plus an all-new Secret Message Report – Podcast Edition.

Abduction Anxiety

The Honourable Paul Hellyer, Canada’s former Minister of National Defense, has issued numerous public remarks concerning the ET presence and the need to end UFO secrecy since his presentation to the Toronto Exopolitics Symposium in September, 2005. Apparently following in these giant footsteps, Georges St-Pierre has offered full disclosure of his perspective on UFO’s which he shared with television’s UFC Primetime in 2010. “[My] biggest fear – and I know it’s very stupid and I don’t even know why I’m scared of this – but it’s being taken by alien. That’s my biggest fear. And I know it’s totally stupid, but since I’m young I’m scared of it. I remember my dad used to tell me all the time, “It’s because you’re a kid. It’s going to go away with time.” No, it doesn’t go away. I’m always scared of this thing … I’m always in black, dressed like a ninja when I run, so if that spaceship come[s] to get me, I’ll be able to run away from them.”

Finding a Solution

Like an archeologist studying Google Earth to identify forbidden secret historic sites, a Vancouver-based mobile audio lab undertook a study of a 2010 MMA Junkie talk radio interview with Georges St-Pierre in an attempt to identify secret messages encrypted backwards within his speech that could shed light on the UFO incident captured on tape along with possible sources for his feelings of fear surrounding the concept of abduction by ET.

The open source analytic methodology used in detecting the secret messages of Georges St -Pierre reflected a graph of his digitally sampled speech from the interview across the Y axis, enabling audio playback and monitoring in reverse. The messages detected through this procedure are formed by unconscious processes related to sleep talking and Freudian slips. They repeatedly provide involuntary disclosures revealing the contents of the speaker’s unconscious mind. Examiner.com has reported how such analysis has proven effective in the gathering of intelligence for military, political, forensic, clinical and UFO Disclosure applications.

Below is a partial transcript from portions of the interview along with secret messages and their interpretations from the newly released Vancouver report.

George St-Pierre’s Secret Messages

GSP: “That’s all right you know. It’s okay if they bet money with me. I just don’t bet money you know. They’ve got that money. I mean, it’s no problem with that, you know. They bet money on someone they think that he’s going to win. If he’s the favorite they odds are not good for them. So they have to bet a lot of money and they’re not going to gain a lot. It’s like Vegas, you know, that’s what they came for. Everybody have different passion. You know, me, my passion is sport and other things but to them, it’s gambling. I respect that, it’s all right.”

Secret Message: Know when I see the alien.

Secret Message: Strobes in the ship.

Interpretation: Mr. St-Pierre describes his ability to resolve visual contact with ET’s, suggesting previous contact in his lifetime. With regards to the second message, strobing behavior of UFO’s as seen from the ground has been reported previously in Examiner.com. Strobing may also be a lighting characteristic of the visual environment within these objects as well.

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