UFO-Malta 2011

Publisher’s Note: Received an email from a UFO Digest reader from Western Europe,  The sender wishes to remain anonymous although we can publish the attached photo of which I have made enhancements. It is because of readers like you that make UFO Digest an interesting and important source for news about UFOs throughout the world.

FLASH: I have just received permission from our subscriber to print the location, date and time when the photos were taken. Originally I believed there was only one photo our subscriber has now sent us the second. Dirk


Click here or on photo to enlarge.

One of our newsletter subscribers has sent in this sighting report and photo. For some reason the actual location of the sighting is not be be published.

I am trying to get more information concerning this sighting. I can tell you the author of the email is very credible and has retired from a long career in public service. (see above)

The photo, if authentic, clearly shows an airliner and an unknown object in the bottom left position. If the UFO was not inserted using Photoshop or some other photo manipulation software I would say the saucer although blurring looks exactly as one would expect.


Our photographer from Malta wrote: The exact location where the photos were taken is the island of Malta just in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, roughly 60 miles south of Sicily island, the area is called Victoria Lines, the photo was taken on top of a bastion fortress wall built by the British Armed Forces  during the second half of the 19 th century which divides the top North of the island from the remaining south, runs all the way from the  East to the West coast on top of a natural high ridge (when Malta was still under the British Crown). Here is the link on Google map of the exact location:  http://www.gearthhacks.com/downloads/map.php?file=21683

Second photo of UFO shot in Malta

 Original second photo – click here for larger photo

Details of the sighting: Regarding the date, the photo  was taken on the 29 th April 2011 – the day was Friday and local time was 14.19Hrs, Camera Canon T2 18MegaPixel, 1/800s F 5.6 ISO:100 f:55mm IS canon lens (Can see the Exif data on the attached original photo uploaded)


As for my comments regarding this UFO photo, I can say this is the result of plenty of patience and long time  spent in scanning the sky and cliff edges together with valleys in several places and in several weather conditions.  I have been doing so (UFO hunt) for about six years now, for me it is a new hobby which emerged from my love to natural photography, As for this type of UFO, I call it a hat shaped, have several other similar and when you study all the photos of this type of craft it will be clearly noticeable the black matt round spot just underneath of the craft/UFO and the silver grey coating of the craft.

REGARDING THE SECOND PHOTO: I am attaching you another photo of this type of UFO where you can see the black matt spot clearly when you enlarge the photo.It is in HDR too for better detail and the location about three to four miles (further to the west of coast) from the first photo, also the location is still part of the Victoria Lines, you can see the big fortress in the background.


The two photos emailed to us today clearly show what appears to be a classic oval UFO. I have seen a few German UFO documentaries concerning Second World War technology and the craft in these photos look amazingly similar.

I would like to thank our reader for sending us theses photos and descriptions. It should be noted that the sender does not seek attention and I have honored  the sender’s wish to remain anonymous.

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